93 Baby Girl Names That Start With Tam

TamaShe is like a thunderGirl
TamadhurProper nameGirl
TamadurA woman of brillianceGirl
TamairaShe who is like a plam treeGirl
TamalaShe who is like a thunderboltGirl
TamaliA tree with a very dark barkGirl
TamalikaBelonging to a place full of tamalGirl
TamamiA woman who is a beautiful gem or jewelGirl
TamanOne who is like a gardenUnisex
TamanaOne who is desiredGirl
TamannaOne who is desiredGirl
TamanniOne who is hopeful and wishfulUnisex
TamarA name that means date palm treeGirl
TamaraA name that means date palm treeGirl
TamarahA woman who is like a palm treeGirl
TamaraiLotus flower, beautiful or great.Girl
TamariGeorgian variant of Tamar, meaning palm treeGirl
TamarindAn Indian dateGirl
TamarisTo be like a palm treeGirl
TamariskA woman who is like shrubGirl
TamarrHebrew for palm treeGirl
TamarraPalm treeGirl
TamaryA woman who is a palm treeGirl
TamasaA river, darknessGirl
TamashaA happy, joyous occasion to meetGirl
TamashiA woman who has a gloomy personalityGirl
TamashiniA soul. One who is very soulfulUnisex
TamashreeOne who is perfect and a whole personGirl
TamasinShe who is a twin sisterGirl
TamasviOne who has darkness insideGirl
TamasviniA girl of the nightGirl
TamathaName means Dear Tammy, Dear palm treeGirl
TamayaOne who is the center of everythingGirl
TamazurShe who is a brilliant whitenessGirl
TambaraA girl who is at ease.Girl
TamberA musical tone. One who is musicalGirl
TamberlynTo be someone's twinUnisex
TambiA young one, a childGirl
TambikaReligious offeringGirl
TambreOne whose music brings joyGirl
TambriaShe whose music brings great happinessGirl
TamburaA musical instrument like a guitarGirl
TamecaOne with sweet natureGirl
TameemiyaA perfect womanGirl
TameikaA girl of sweet natureGirl
TamelaOne who is dark in a sweet wayGirl
TameraPalm treeGirl

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