183 Baby Girl Names That Start With Te

TeaGift of GodGirl
TeaganLittle poet or FairUnisex
TeaghanLittle poetUnisex
TeahVariation of Thea which means Godess or GodlyGirl
TeanawesiaNative American name for TenneseeGirl
TeannThe rainGirl
TeannaOne with a free spirit and a beautiful mindGirl
TeceEmbodiment of GodGirl
TeclaAcclaimed fameGirl
TedraA supreme giftGirl
TeelaA form of tealaGirl
TeenaShe who follows ChristGirl
TeertahA holy placeGirl
TeerthaPlace of pilgrimageGirl
TeffaniaShe who has seen GodGirl
TegePretty little thingGirl
TegenCornish vocabulary name meaning pretty.Girl
TeghanA pretty fair girlGirl
TehaniShe who caressesGirl
TehilaSong of praiseGirl
TehillaSongs of God's gloryGirl
TehillahA praise songGirl
TehminaStrong and confident woman. It's the name of hero Rustam's wife and King of Samangan's daughter.Girl
TehoronianhenCovered in cloudsUnisex
TehreemA sacred oneGirl
TehyaA precious oneGirl
TehzeebAn educated womaGirl
TeiaA tiaraGirl
TeichuihThe younger sister.Girl
TeicuhSomeone's older sisterGirl
TeicuihYounger sisterGirl
TeigeA good-looking womanGirl
TeigraA tigressGirl
TeijaFinnish short from Dorotea, God's giftGirl
TeijinderjeetOne who wins God of greatnessGirl
TeijinderjitShe who won God of grandeurGirl
TeilaA form of tealaGirl
TeirraShe who is naturalGirl
TeishaShe who livesGirl
TejaBright and radiant.Girl
TejanaGirl from TexasGirl
TejashiA glorious oneGirl
TejashiniThe mighty oneGirl
TejashitaA potent girlGirl
TejasviAn energetic, brilliant womanGirl
TejaswiniRadiant, intellegentGirl
TejiOne who radiates lightGirl
TejinderpreetOne who loves the mighty GodGirl
TejomayiShe who is full or brightnessGirl
TejumolaOne who looks forward to better days.Unisex
TekeyiaOne who worships GodGirl
TeklaA divine fameGirl
TekliAn eternal fameGirl
TelaShort for of OtteliaGirl
TelephassaWife of AgenorGirl
TeleriWelsh name, name of legendary daughter of PeulGirl
TelinaVariation of Lina, a palm treeGirl
TelissaAmerican created nameGirl
TellervoFinnish Goddess of the forestGirl
TelmaShe who has willGirl
TelynA harpGirl
TembamOne who is chubby and plump.Girl
TemenuzhaA variant of Temenuzhka, meaning violet.Girl
TemenuzhkaBulgarian word meaning violet flower.Girl
TemidireMine has turned to blessings.Unisex
TemilyA rivalGirl
TemimaShe who is flawlessGirl
TemiraA tall girlGirl
TemirahShe who is tall as a palm treeGirl
TempawanMalay word for forge or weld.Girl
TemperanceOne who shows restraintGirl
TempestaFemale form of Tempest, meaning storm.Girl
TempesteOne who is turbulentGirl
TempieA shrineGirl
TemwaLove and happinessGirl
TenaA ChristianityGirl
TenajaStrong willed womanGirl
TenayaA great leaderUnisex
TendaiOne who is thankful to GodGirl
TeneAfrican name meaning loveUnisex
TenecaOne who has self restraintGirl
TeneeshaRuler of peopleGirl
TeneshaGirl born on a MondayGirl
TenessA place of gathering near the waterGirl
TenikaA fairy queenGirl
TenilleShe who brings lightGirl
TenishaBorn on mondayGirl
TenleyA burnt clearingGirl
TennieFeminine short of Tennesse, a meeting placeGirl
TenoraPersonication of GodGirl
TenzinProtector of DharmaGirl
TeodecAn entire Earth; fertileGirl
TeodoraGod's giftGirl
TeodoziaGod's giftGirl

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