47 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ter

TeraCrag, hillGirl
TeranikaVictory of the EarthGirl
TerasaA huntressGirl
TerataiLotus, water lilyGirl
TerbishNot that oneUnisex
TereGuardian of the harvestGirl
TereeseHarvest. Tereese is a form of Teresa.Girl
TerehasaOne who is blessedGirl
TerellThunder rulerUnisex
TerenaWoman who is graciousGirl
TerenceFrom an ancient roman clanUnisex
TereniaPolish variation o Theresa, means to harvestGirl
TerentiaOne who guardsGirl
TereraiOne who listensGirl
TereseThe reaperGirl
TeresiaThe harvesterGirl
TeresinaThe reaperGirl
TeresitaA popular saint's nameGirl
TeressaA harvesterGirl
TerezaOne who gathersGirl
TerezahA harvesterGirl
TerezijaCroatian form of Teresa, meaning reaper.Girl
TerhiTerhi is a short form of Terhenetär. It means mist.Girl
TerianaVariation of Teresa, means to harvestGirl
TeriannAbbrevation of Teresa, means harvestGirl
TericanA complete rulerGirl
TerikaAbbreviation of Teresa, meaning to harvest.Girl
TerilynnEnglish form of Teresa, means harvesterGirl
TerinVariant of Erin, means IrelandGirl
TerpsichoreShe who loves to danceGirl
TerraFrom the earth. An earth goddess in mythologyUnisex
TerrahThe planet EarthGirl
TerrellThunder rulerUnisex
TerrenceFrom an ancient roman clanUnisex
TerreneVariation of Trencia, a clan nameGirl
TerrianGreek name meaning innocentGirl
TerricaAmerican created nameGirl
TerrieA late summerGirl
TerryllModern invented nameGirl
TerrynOne who harvestsGirl
TerrysVariation of Teresa, means to harvestGirl
TertiaShe who comes thirdGirl
TerttuA bunch of berriesGirl
TerylAmerican created nameGirl
TerynAbbrevation of Teresa, means harvestGirl

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