95 Baby Girl Names That Start With To

ToaA brave-hearted ladyGirl
ToakaseWoman of the seaGirl
TocaA cap or headgearGirl
TocaraA friend or beloved of a person with headgearGirl
ToccaThe touch of a personGirl
ToccaraThe friendly of beloved touchGirl
TodorkaBulgarian feminine form of Theodora, meaning gift of God.Girl
TogzhanOne with a pure soulGirl
ToibaYiddish word for dove.Girl
ToiyaA victory or a winGirl
TokhmesarvOne with a stature like a cypressGirl
TokiniA birdGirl
TokkaOne who is united or joinedGirl
TokoriAn owl, one with quality of owlsUnisex
TokunboOne who is from across the seasUnisex
TolinkaThe flapping ear of a canine or coyoteGirl
TollaIn Biblical it means worm or grub. In Polish it means prosperingUnisex
ToluwalasheGods will be doneGirl
TomasaTwin girl child, also a negroGirl
TomasinaOne of a twin baby girlGirl
TomekaA baby girl born as a twinGirl
TometteModerate, trustworthy and tender individualGirl
TomezinA kind, affectionate and encouraging perosnGirl
TomikaA rich or a wealthy personGirl
TomislavaTorturous glory.Girl
TomoIntelligence or a knowledge of a personGirl
TomoeA blessing in the form of friendGirl
TomokoA friendly or a knowing childGirl
TonaOne who is highly praised and pricelessGirl
TonalnanMother of lightGirl
TonantzinMother earth or the mother GoddessGirl
TonckaBeyond praise or highly praiseworthyGirl
ToneA new thunder or stormGirl
TongIn Chinesee it is a title given to a public officer. In Ditch it refers to tongue that means a chatterboxUnisex
TonicaTo the people, something to the raceGirl
TonishaOne who cant be pricedGirl
TonjaOne who is precious, pricelessGirl
TonjeOne who cant be labelled with a priceGirl
TonkaCroatian form of Antonia. It means worthy of praise.Girl
TonnaA settlement or a town near the hedgeUnisex
TonnieWho is worth of many praisesUnisex
ToobaBest or excellent or a tree form heavenGirl
TootegaOld woman deity who could walk on water.Unisex
TopaciaA jewel or gemstoneGirl
TopangaA point of meeting or mountain and seaGirl
TopazA precious gemstone or jewelGirl
TopsyOn topGirl
Tor PikaiA girl with black hairGirl
ToraIn Japanese it means a tigress. In Latin it refers to the victor or conqueror. In Norse it refers to Goddess of Thunder.Girl
TorahTo guide or to teach, The holy book of JewsGirl
ToralA Heroine (folk)Girl
TorhtaTwisted or folded overGirl
ToriA form of toryGirl
TorianaA form of toriGirl
ToriannaThe conqueror or the victor, a winnerGirl
TorieA form of toriGirl
TorilA fighting inspired by the thunder GodGirl
TorildThe battle or war or ThorUnisex
TorillThunder God's battleUnisex
TorriA form of toriGirl
TorrieA form of tori, toryGirl
TorriiA triumphant person, victoriousGirl
TorrinWho is from the craggy hillsGirl
TorshaA river in Bengal regionGirl
ToruA vast and huge sea of waterUnisex
TorunnThe love of thunder God, mother of BishopGirl
ToscaA habitational name for one who is from TuscanyGirl
ToscanaThe regional capital of Florence, ItalyGirl
ToshaRefers to christGirl
ToshaleOne who is the satisfactionGirl
ToshaniOne of the name of Goddess DurgaGirl
ToshawahA jewellery item specifically a silver broochGirl
ToshikaA bright or clever child, alertGirl
ToshikoAn ancient or valued childGirl
TotoleA star of the constellationUnisex
TottieA familiar form of CharlotteGirl
ToubaThe blessed or the best personGirl
ToucaOut of a birds name ToucanGirl
ToufieA successful, elegant and royal beingGirl
TouildA tolerant, diligen and elegant individualGirl
TouilldaUnselfish, lonely and analytical personGirl
ToulaIn Greek it means Light. In Hindi its is a Astrological signGirl
ToulinA circular band of light around moonGirl
ToulouseOne who belongs to the city TolosaUnisex
ToureOne who belongs to Soussou, AfricaUnisex
TourmalineColored crystalsGirl
TovahGood or one who does goodGirl
TovielThe Goodness of my GodGirl
TowandaA peaceful resting place or the place of rushing waterGirl
ToziAztec goddess of healing and sweet waterGirl

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