160 Baby Girl Names That Start With Tr

TraA trail or a path in the forestGirl
TracenaWho belongs to the place or ThraciansGirl
TraciThracius' placeUnisex
TraciaWho has come from the land of ThraciusGirl
TracieWho hails from the place of ThraciusGirl
TracinaA girl from the ThraciusGirl
TrackA path or way, a seasonGirl
TracyFrom the Irish word 'treasach', meaning fighter, higher, more powerful or superiorGirl
TrahelOne who is like ironGirl
TraiceOne who is from thraciaGirl
TraisThe numeric ThreeUnisex
TrakialaA formed or createdGirl
TralloniThe servant or the serfGirl
TranaA bird or a sorceressGirl
TrandafiraRose or rosebushGirl
TrangAn intelligent or a serious personGirl
TranquillaOne who is tranquil or calmGirl
TraritiAn agile or a swift person; Goddess DurgaGirl
TravaFresh grassesUnisex
TravisTo cross overUnisex
TravonFair townUnisex
TrayathiThe divine protection from the LordGirl
TrayceOne who is from the ThriciusGirl
TrayiA scholar or an intellect personGirl
TreThe third-born childUnisex
TreasaStrength or the strength of a personGirl
TreemonishaA black women who strives to educating the superstitious communityGirl
TreenaOne who is piercing somethingGirl
TreeshitaThe three lines of anythingGirl
TrekThe images of a journeyGirl
TrellaThe star of the skyGirl
TremaineRock settlementUnisex
TremayneRock settlementUnisex
TrenaA bunch of sweet flowers with thorns, sweet briarGirl
TrennaA bunch of wild rosesGirl
TrentGushing watersUnisex
TrentinThe river Trent, swift riverGirl
TrentonTrent's townUnisex
TresaA strong person, name of a saintGirl
Treslyndelicate, fairylike or a sophisticated girlGirl
TressA woman with long hairGirl
TressaThe numeral three from Cornish wordGirl
TressieA brave women from TherasiaGirl
TressyeOne who harvest or a guardianGirl
TrevinaA girl from the big farmGirl
TrevonFair townUnisex
TrevorFrom the large villageUnisex
TreyaA young woman walking on three pathsGirl

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