84 Baby Girl Names That Start With Tri

TriaIn Greek it refers to the follower of Demeter. In Spanish it is the count of threeGirl
TriakshaOne who has the third eye, Goddess DurgaGirl
TriambikaThe Goddess of three moon; Goddess ParvatiGirl
TriamourOne who loves three timesGirl
TrianaIn Sanskrit it means one who is piercing. In Spanish it means ThirdGirl
TriannaA gracious or a noble person, a pureGirl
TribeniThe meeting point of three sacred riversGirl
TribhuvaneshwariThe Lord of one who has the knowledge of three worldsGirl
TrichaA noble-woman, who is kind and generousGirl
TrichaniThe three gifts from the GodGirl
TriciaA patricianUnisex
TridharaThe river gangaGirl
TrieuA tide or a small waveUnisex
TrigunaGoddess durga, mayaGirl
TriguniThe three dimensionsGirl
TriinuTriinu is a form of Katariina. It means pure.Girl
TrijagatiOne who has the three powers; Goddess ParvatiGirl
TrijamaThe river Jamuna, river of nightGirl
TrijntjeName of a goddess, pure, each of the twoGirl
TrijoyaThe three wins or victoriesGirl
TrikayaThree dimensionalGirl
TrilakiOne who belongs to the three worldsGirl
TrillianA noble daughter of a bald manGirl
TrilochanaThree eyed, durgaGirl
TrilochoniOne who have three eyes; Goddess DurgaGirl
TrilohanaOne with the third eyeGirl
TrimanOne who is worshipped in all the three worldsGirl
TrinayanaWho have three beautiful eyesGirl
TrinayaniThree eyed, durgaGirl
TrineA innocent or cute personGirl
TrineshaFlower opening on the third day.Girl
TrinetraThree eyed, durgaGirl
TrinetteA very little innocent childGirl
TrinhOne who is pure, virtuous, virginGirl
TriniA holy girl, holy trinityGirl
TriniceA beautiful person, trice beautifulGirl
TrinieceThe third niece, prettyGirl
TrinikaTrinika means pure, triad, a trio or as in the Holy TrinityGirl
TriniqueA pure or unique personGirl
TrinityThe holy triad.Girl
TrionaA pure, unpolluted, virginGirl
TriparnaThe leaves of sacred baelGirl
TriparniLike the leaves of sacred BaelGirl
TripathagaA river flowing through three regions; River GangesGirl
TripathagaminiOne who flows or cross through three regionsGirl
TripurasundariThe beautification of three citiesGirl

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