68 Baby Girl Names That Start With Tu

TubaPerfect and holiness.Girl
TubaaUnpolluted or cleanness.Girl
TubbaPure and diligent human being; a tree from heavenGirl
TucciaFeminine form of Tuccius. It was the name of vestal virgin in Roman legend.Girl
TufaniRefers to a very strong blowing.Girl
TufaylahThe name of the unbound slave of Al-waleed bin Abdulla.Girl
TuhfaRefers to the act of giving.Girl
TuhfahNatural abilities or qualities.Girl
TuhiA noise or sound which a bird can make.Girl
TuiA kind of bird which eats honey always as food.Unisex
TujelaTujela is the name of a plateau.Girl
TukkuttokHe who is generous.Unisex
TulaMountain peak, a Libra, or To be tranquilGirl
TulasiA sacred plant, basilGirl
TuliRefers to a brush which uses to paint anything.Unisex
TuliaRefers to the boundary of the beauty.Girl
TulimakTulimak is a form of Tulimaq. It means rib.Unisex
TulipResembles as tulip floret.Girl
TulisaA persevering and diligent worker; leaping waterGirl
TulliaFeminine form of tullius (Name of an ancient king)Girl
TulshiRefers to a divine herb or spiritual parsley.Girl
TulunA reticent and studious human beingGirl
TulwaRefers to one of the weapons used in the battle field, sword.Girl
TulyaBe the same as or corresponded.Girl
TumadurResembles as right name or correct name.Girl
TumeloComplete confidence in a person or plan.Girl
TundeA small being or human in form.Girl
TunderRefers to pixy or ELF.Girl
TundraA large area in Northern lands with no treesGirl
TungabhadraA highly auspicious or blessed, Name of an Indian riverGirl
TunnokUnsophisticated, original and naive personGirl
TunnokeA self assertive, nurturing ans untiring personGirl
TupaarnaqHerb or parsley which grows in jungle or forest.Girl
TupeloA name given to the swamp treeGirl
TuqaPaying close attention to responsibilities on God's side.Girl
TuqaaOne who is attentive towards responsibility of GodGirl
TuranThe land or place of Tur, Who was a Persian hero.Girl
TurandotName of the beautiful daughter of TuranGirl
TuranyaMoving very fast.Girl
TurfaRefers to unique or exclusive.Girl
TurgiuaOne who is the Knight's companion; shield protectorGirl
TuridThe master of natural thunder.Girl
TurkessaThe one who comes from Turkey.Girl
TurnerLathe workerUnisex
TuryaThe one who has divine powers.Girl

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