108 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter U

Baby Girl Names Starts With U

Every parent looks for a name that means something to them, while suiting and serving their children. Factors considered while choosing a name often include origin, meaning, personal preferences, and what or who the moniker brings to mind. Apart from all these, the letter with which the name starts is also deemed important by many parents. So if you’re one of those parents who want to give their daughter a name starting with U, you’ve landed at the right place.

The letter U is special because it’s said that people with this initial are lucky in all the ways throughout their lives. They are charming, social, intellectual, and want the best out of life- the beautiful, the pleasant and the luxurious. U is associated with three, a free form number, which does not work well with plans, structures, and routines.

The only negative side of this letter is that your daughter may crave for material wealth. But if she can overcome this craving, she will seize all the opportunities and achieve immense success.

Ursule, Udaya, Ulka, the letter U has some of the most original and distinct baby names, which will make your daughter stand out from the rest. And MomJunction's complete list of baby girl names starting with U will definitely catch your attention. So take a look!

UttarikaCrossing riverGirl
UukkarnitCalved iceUnisex
UuliEstonian form of Julie and means youthfulness.Girl
UuliinyagaantsetsegPink flower of mountainGirl
UxíaA woman who is wellborn and well fed.Girl
UzmaGrand; Greatest; Supreme; UltimateGirl
UzoamakaA good pathGirl

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