218 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter V

Baby Girl Names Starts With V

Are you after a chic and classy name for the little princess in your house? Then look no further than a name beginning with V. Baby girl names starting with this letter exude elegance, royalty, and sophistication. Moreover, girls with this initial are destined to enjoy the finer things in life, according to numerology.

The letter V, corresponding to number four is said to make the bearer hard working, loyal, and creative. These loving and genuine people are blessed with a sharp memory and remember everything for an extended period. Also, V people are reliable, dependable, and totally committed to their work.

As enthusiastic and passionate these individuals are, they may grow restless if they’re not given the opportunity to move, explore and express themselves. They may even find hard to manage their money. So you must keep a check on your daughter’s expenses, especially during her teenage.

Victoria, Vanessa, and Vinny are the most common names that pop into our heads when we think about girl names with V. But you don’t have to let your daughter stick with a name that has been known forever. MomJunction’s baby name tool has edgy and unique baby girl names starting with V that are sure to leave a strong impact.

VinishaGoddess or love or humbleGirl
VinitaVinita is a variant of Vineeta and means humble or requesterGirl
VinodiniA happy and cheerful girl.Girl
ViolaineThe Argentinian variation of VioletGirl
VioletPurplre or purplr flowerGirl
VioletaThe Argentinian variation of VioletGirl
VioletteViolet flowerGirl
VioricaRomanian form of the name Friederike, meaning tranquil leader.Girl
VipraMoon, the brightness of moonGirl
VìraFaith or truthGirl
ViraliOne who priceless, rare, valuableGirl
ViranganaShe who is braveGirl
ViraniThe descendentGirl
VirgePure and chasteGirl
VirginiaA virginGirl
VirginieOne who is pure and chasteGirl
VirikaBravery, a brave womanGirl
VirtudesBlessed spiritGirl
VisalaCelestial or apsaraGirl
VishaliBeautiful, creative, the one who has a big heart. It's also the name of an Indian Goddess.Girl
VishetaSelf controlGirl
VisnjaCroatian word for cherry.Girl
VisolaLongings are waterfallsGirl
VispanfrivaThe one loved by all.Girl
VitaFeminine form of Vitus, meaning life.Girl
VitaliyaFull of lifeGirl
VitomiraFemale of Vitomir, meaning lord of the peaceful world.Girl
VitóriaA variant of Victoria, meaning victory.Girl
VivianaOne who is full of life.Girl
VivikaAlive, or war FortressGirl
VivitsaDesire of knowledgeGirl
ViyanIntention or wishGirl
VjekoslavaGlory of the ages.Girl
VladimiraFemale of Vladimir, meaning rule.Girl
VlastaSpear or stalk.Girl
VlatkaRule or to rule. A form of Vladmira.Girl
VloraA brave and bold woman.Girl

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