74 Baby Girl Names That Start With Vi

ViancaCanadian variant of Bianca, meaning white.Girl
VibekeLittle womanGirl
VibhaAnother name of Goddess Lakshmi. It means light or radiance.Girl
VibhutiAnother name of Goddess Lakshmi. It means great personality.Girl
VictoriaVictory, conquerGirl
VidhusahaniA learned woman or she who finds consolation in science.Girl
VidhutA Malayali term for electricity.Girl
VidulaA Malayali term for moon.Girl
VidyaWisdom. Another name of Goddess SarasvatiGirl
ViennaName of a place the capital of AustriaGirl
VigdisThe battle goddess.Girl
VigoraFeminine form of Vigor, meaning strength and power.Girl
VihaHeaven or angelGirl
VijayaVictory or victorious.Girl
VijayalakshmiThe goddess of victory.Girl
VijulA Silk-cotton treeGirl
VikasniA name of Goddess LakshmiGirl
ViktoríaIcelandic form of Victoria, meaning victory.Girl
ViktoriaCroatian form of Victoria, meaning victory.Girl
ViktorieVictorious, VictoryGirl
ViktorijaCroatian form of Victoria, meaning victory.Girl
ViktoriyaBulgarian form of Victoria, meaning victory.Girl
VilmarisGuardian of the seaGirl
VimalaPure, clean, holy or whiteGirl
VinantiVinanti means doing prayer or request.Girl
VinataVinata is the name of Garuda's mother. It means humble.Girl
VinayaOne who is modest and humble.Girl
VincencijaFemale form of Vincent, meaning to conquer.Girl
VinishaGoddess or love or humbleGirl
VinitaVinita is a variant of Vineeta and means humble or requesterGirl
VinodiniA happy and cheerful girl.Girl
ViolaineThe Argentinian variation of VioletGirl
VioletPurplre or purplr flowerGirl
VioletaThe Argentinian variation of VioletGirl
VioletteViolet flowerGirl
VioricaRomanian form of the name Friederike, meaning tranquil leader.Girl
VipraMoon, the brightness of moonGirl
VìraFaith or truthGirl
ViraliOne who priceless, rare, valuableGirl
ViranganaShe who is braveGirl
ViraniThe descendentGirl
VirgePure and chasteGirl
VirginiaA virginGirl
VirginieOne who is pure and chasteGirl
VirikaBravery, a brave womanGirl

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