99 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter W

Baby Girl Names Starts With W

In our generation, it’s hard to find a name that’s both sensible and distinctive. But the task can get a lot easier if you can pick out a particular letter. Baby girl names starting with W are beautiful, elegant, and stand the test of time. Moreover, this letter brings creative and artistic vibes with it as well. Want to know more about it? Then keep reading!

The letter W represents strength, willpower, excitement, freedom, self-expression, and enthusiasm. Girls with this letter abhor a dull, routine, and monotonous occupation. They wish for an adventurous life and strive hard to achieve it. This risk-taking and carefree nature of W people make them best suited for the travel industry. Furthermore, if you give your baby girl this initial, she’ll be kind and charming, traits which will help her get along with people of different dispositions.

However, the passion and intensity brought about by this letter can get them carried away. W girls also have an aggressive streak, which may manifest itself now and then.

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WaamilAn extremely beautiful girl.Girl
WaceeraThe wandererGirl
WadaanaA girl destined to be wealthy and prosperousGirl
WadeAt the river crossingUnisex
WadidaOne who is loving, and affectionate.Girl
WafaFaithfulness, fidelity and loyaltyGirl
WafiqahSuccessful; Triumphant; Victorious; A variant spelling is WafeeqahGirl
WafiyyahLoyal; Faithful; A variant spelling is WafiyaGirl
WagmaBreeze accompanied with a pleasant smellGirl
WaheedaUnique; Singular; Sole; Exclusive; Beautiful; A variant spelling is WahidaGirl
WahibahGiver, donorGirl
WahidahUnique; Singular; Sole; Exclusive; Beautiful; A variant spelling is WaheedaGirl
WaiolaViolet flowerGirl
WairimuOne of the nine founders of Agikuyu.Girl
WaithereroThe better one.Girl
WajiaA beautiful melodyGirl
WajihahEminent; Distinguished; Famous; Respected; RenownedGirl
WakiuruOne of the nine founders of Agikuyu.Girl
WaleeyaSupporter, caretaker, companion.Girl
WaleisOne belonging from Wales.Girl
WalentynaStrong and soundGirl
WalkerCloth walker An English Occupational nameUnisex
WallaceA Welshman or A CeltUnisex
WaltraudRule strengthGirl
WambuiThe singer of songs.Girl
WamikaGoddess DurgaGirl
WamuhuBorn of ashesGirl
WamuiruA dark skinned beauty.Girl
WamweruOne who is light skinned.Girl
WandaWanda possibly translates to a wanderer.Girl
WanettaA pale and fair woman.Girl
WanetteThe pale oneGirl
Wang FangWang means King, Monarch, Fang means Fragrant, Virtuous, BeautifulGirl
Wang JingWang means King, Monarch, Jing means Quiet, Still, Gentle, Essence, Spirit, Clear, CrystalGirl
Wang LiWang means King, Monarch, Li means Beautiful, Reason, Logic, Establish, Black, DawnGirl
Wang XiuWang means King, Monarch, Xiu means Develop, Luxuriant, Beautiful, Elegant, OutstandingGirl
WangaiBorn of God.Girl
WangariA leopardGirl
WangeraA travelerGirl
WanguThe one who gathers the firewood.Girl
WanjaThe one from without.Girl
WanjeriBorn of Njeri.Girl
WanjikuOne of the nine founders of Agikuyu.Girl
WanjiruOne of the nine founders of Agikuyu.Girl

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