34 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter X

What to name your little princess? This is probably one of the biggest dilemmas parents face these days. And to be honest, baby naming isn’t an easy task. Should you keep it traditional and old school? Or pick a name that’s connected to your family? Maybe you can browse books and watch movies for inspiration! The options are endless. But if you’re enthusiastic about giving your daughter an unusual name, the letter X can give you some options.

X, equivalent to number six, girls embody a caring, loving, nurturing, and giving woman. Their primary goal in life is to create a secure and harmonious environment and provide for others. The rare people with X initial also strive to better themselves by seeking balance and perfection in everything they undertake.

The only downside is that people with this letter fail to think things through and become pessimistic if things do not go as planned. They even like to work slowly and deliberately and hate it when someone tries to rush things.

From the popular Xena to the not so common Xylia, the letter X boasts of some extraordinary and adventurous baby names. So peruse through MomJunction's list of baby girl names starting with X below.

XanaduA place in China, which was once Kublai Khan's Yuan dynasty.Unisex
XantaraProtector of the earthGirl
XantheThe shade gold.Girl
XanthippeYellow horse. It's a feminine form of Xanthippos.Girl
XantinaLittle saintGirl
XariaThe gift of love.Girl
XatiaShe who is flawless like an icon or paintingGirl
XaverieFemale version of Xavier, meaning the new house.Girl
XavieraFeminine version of Xavier, meaning 'bright or splendid'.Girl
XenaWelcoming and hospitableGirl
XilonenHairy oneGirl
XimenaGreek form of Xenia, meaning hospitality to a stranger.Girl
XinavaneSpread or propagateGirl
XiomaraVariation of Xiamara which means Joyful deerGirl
XitllaliGoddess of the moonGirl
XiuhtonalPrecious lightGirl
XoanaGod is graciousGirl
XochiatlapalFlower wingGirl
XochicotzinFire serpentGirl
XochiltA variant of Xochil, meaning flower.Girl
XochiquetzalMost beautiful flowerGirl
XochiyotlHeart of a gentle flowerGirl
XocoYoungest sisterGirl
XocotzinYoungest daughterGirl
XocoyotlYoungest childGirl
XolaniKenyan term meaning be at peace.Girl
XorlaliThe savior existsGirl
XyliaFrom the woodsGirl

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