172 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter Y

Baby Girl Names Starts With Y

One of the most challenging decisions you need to make after having a baby is choosing a name. Some parents decide to name their child after a family member or someone they admire. Others take a unique approach to naming their children after a particular letter.

The letter Y isn’t much used for a baby girl’s name, and this is what makes it exceptional. So if Y for the start of a name is what you’re looking for, then you’re in luck. MomJunction's tool has a comprehensive list of baby names starting with the letter Y. But before that, take a look at the attributes and traits the letter can bring to your child.

The letter Y gives determination, spiritual, and physical energy to the bearer. So if you bestow a name with this initial on your daughter, she’ll be very intelligent, analytical, and will have a burning desire to shine in her profession. Girls with this initial are even blessed with an innate ability to find a solution to all their problems.

The negative point of this letter is that the bearer may waste their time in overthinking. This can make them appear confused and vague to people who do not know them well.

Whether you’re looking for serene Islamic names or exotic Spanish girl names starting with Y, you’ll find them all in MomJunction's list below.

YeshaFame, one who desires fameGirl
YesnaPrayer, supplication, worshipGirl
YesseniaA flowerGirl
YettaA generous woman.Girl
YezdaA divine creatureGirl
YgernaWelsh - Fair Lady; A variant spelling of name IgernaGirl
YiskahTo gazeGirl
YlfaA female wolf.Girl
YochevedGod's honorGirl
YolihuaniSource of lifeGirl
YoloxochitlFlower of the heartGirl
YomawuCall on GodGirl
YonLotus blossomGirl
YoninahLittle doveGirl
YoonAllow or consentGirl
YoramExalted by GodGirl
YordanaBulgarian form of Jordan, meaning to flow down.Girl
YordankaYordanka is Bulgarian form of Jordan and means to flow.Girl
YoselinLittle GothGirl
YosephaGod will addGirl
YoshitaWomen or ladyGirl
YosifaFeminine form of Joseph, meaning God will increase.Girl
Young MiProsperity, eternal and beautifulGirl
Young-IlThe most prosperous of all.Girl
Young-SoonMild and floweryGirl
YoushaA young girlGirl
YovelaHebrew - Rejoice; Full Of Joy; A variant spelling is YovelahGirl
YsabellaA variant form of name Isabella which means beautifulGirl
YsabelleConsecrated to GodGirl
YsellaCornish vocabulary name meaning modest.Girl
YubhashanaA name of Goddess MahalakshmiGirl
YukaA bright StarUnisex
YuktiTrick or solutionGirl
YulagamahadeviYoung girlGirl
YulaganayakiThe earthGirl
YulissaA beautiful girlGirl
YumiA beautiful archery bowGirl
YumnSuccess or good fortuneGirl
YumnaLucky and fortunate child.Girl
YunLotus flowerGirl

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