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84 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ya

Yaa One who is born on Thursday Girl
Yaaba One who is born on Thursday Girl
Yaagnya A ritual sacrifice with a specific objective. Girl
Yaalisai Melodious Girl
Yaayaa One who is born on Thursday. Girl
Yachana Entreaty, prayer, pleading Girl
Yacova Female form of Jacob, meaning Yahweh may protect Girl
Yadana A form of Yadanar. It means gem Girl
Yadanar Gem or gemstone Girl
Yadavi A name of Goddess Durga. Girl
Yadhana Smile Girl
Yadira Someone who is worthy and suitable. Also, a beloved friend. Girl
Yadita Lord of the night. Girl
Yaeeta She who is beautiful. Girl
Yaffa Beautiful Girl
Yagapriya Name of a Raga Girl
Yagavi Bright Girl
Yagnitha Worship Girl
Yahnaa Girl
Yahvi Heaven or earth Girl
Yaiiua Bright; Youthful; Vibrant person with youthful energy Girl
Yaima Water conduit Girl
Yakini African - An honest Woman; Truthful Lady; Girl
Yakira Hebrew - Beloved; Expensive; Precious; dearmost; A variant form of Yakar Girl
Yakootah Emerald Girl
Yakova Held by the heel Girl
Yalanda Form of Yolanda, meaning violet flower. Girl
Yaletha A variant of Oletha. It means light or nimble. Girl
Yalina One who is soft and delicate. Girl
Yalqoot A charitable woman. Girl
Yama Mountain; Restrainer; Girl
Yamaris A variation of Mary, meaning wished for a child or star of the sea. Girl
Yameena One who is prospering. Girl
Yamha Dove Girl
Yami Pair Girl
Yamika Night Girl
Yamileth Beautiful Girl
Yaminah One who is right handed. Girl
Yamna On the right side, one who is always right. Girl
Yamuna One of the holy rivers of India. Girl
Yamya Night Girl
Yancey Native American - A Sassy Woman; A Yankee Girl
Yangkyi An adorable girl. Girl
Yanira Gift from God. Girl
Yanna God is gracious Girl
Yanti Yanti is a name of Goddess Parvati and means thoughts. Girl
Yaotl Combatant; Soldier; Warrior; Defender; Fighter; Rival Unisex
Yaoxochitl Marigold or flower of the enemy Girl
Yaquta Gold, ruby, pearl and coral. Basically a term used for gem stones. Girl
Yara Water lady Girl

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