246 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter Z

Baby Girl Names Starts With Z

Z is the most striking letter in the alphabet. It creates sibilance, a sound produced with the effort from our tongues and lips, which gives a hissing sound. This is the reason why Z names linger in our ears and even mind for a longer time. So parents who want to bestow a striking name on their daughters can go for an appealing Z name.

Z, the final letter of the alphabet brings with itself fearlessness, persistence, and determination. These goal oriented people always aim to finish what they started, and they even succeed most of the time. They have practical judgment regarding financial issues and the ability to build and accumulate wealth through management and sensibility. Also, Z people are exceedingly diplomatic and know very well how to get the work done from anyone.

Z girls are also very intuitive, fair-minded, and make excellent leaders. But some people let their ambition take better of them, which costs them their personal relationships.

The letter Z offers contemporary and stylish names such as Zara, Zoe, and Zainab. If you’re looking for something similar, you’ll find them in MomJunction's list of baby girl names starting with Z below.

ZeeanaBeautification, adornment.Girl
ZeenaA hospitable womanGirl
ZehavaTo shine, light, brightnessGirl
ZehiraGuarded, protectedGirl
ZehraBright, luminousGirl
ZeinabA variant of Zainab, meaning beautiful.Girl
ZelPrivate or special.Girl
ZeldaBlessed or happyGirl
ZelieVariation of Azalea which means A flowerGirl
ZelimirkaOne who desires.Girl
ZeljkaWish or desire.Girl
ZelmaZelma is the diminutive of Anselma and means protected by God.Girl
ZemiraA branchGirl
ZemoraSong of praiseGirl
ZenaA hospitable womanGirl
ZenaisAncient Greek variant of Zenaida. It means shine or sky.Girl
ZenevievaWhite waveGirl
ZenithFrom the highest point; The Very Top; Highest point on the celestial sphereUnisex
ZenjiZen masterUnisex
ZenobiaLife of ZeusGirl
ZenoviaA variant of Zenobia, meaning life of Zeus.Girl
ZerenityRomanian form of Serenity, meaning calm.Girl
ZeriahHebrew - Seeds; A variant form of name Zera;Girl
ZerlindaBeautiful dawn or beautiful morning.Girl
ZeryaKurdish word for sea.Girl
ZeynepPrecious rock, Precious gem, A father's precious gemGirl
ZhadePrincess of the African violetGirl
ZhaklinaBulgarian form of Jacqueline, meaning God will increase.Girl
ZhalaThe luminosity and shine of moonGirl
ZhalaiHail, pellets of frozen rain, falling in showers from cloudsGirl
Zhang LiZhang means Stretch, Extend, Archer, Li means Beautiful, Reason, Logic, Establish, Black, DawnGirl
Zhang MinZhang means Stretch, Extend, Archer, Min means Quick, Clever, SharpGirl
Zhang XiuZhang means Stretch, Extend, Archer, Xiu means Develop, Luxuriant, Beautiful, Elegant, OutstandingGirl
ZhenyaBulgarian diminutive of Evgeniya, meaning noble.Girl
ZhivkaFeminine form of Zhivko, meaning life or alive.Girl
ZianaBrave and boldGirl
ZiarreGoddess of the sky.Girl
ZikiyaOne who is smart and intelligent.Girl
ZikoranachidinmaShow the world that Lord is good.Girl
ZikraRecollection, memory, remembrance, thoughts of the pastGirl
ZikshitaOne who is full of prideGirl
ZillahHebrew - Shadow;Girl
ZilpahDripping, sprinklingGirl
ZilviaVariation of Sylvia which means From the woodsGirl
ZilyaOld Greek - Hunter; Harvester; Guardian; Women from Therasia; A derivative of the name TheresaGirl
ZimalA large item of clothing that covers the entire body.Girl
ZimoraA variant of Zemira, meaning a branch.Girl
ZinaA welcoming and hospitable woman.Girl
ZinachidinmaShow that the Lord is good.Girl
ZinaidaDaughter of Zeus.Girl
ZinetaJewelry, decorationGirl
ZionHighest pointUnisex
ZipporahHebrew - Bird; Derived from the element 'Tsippowr' which means bird. The name was borne by the wife of Moses in the BibleGirl
ZissaSweet oneGirl
ZitaGirl or maiden.Girl
ZitomiraTo live famously.Girl
ZivaA lively woman.Girl
ZivahOne who is bright and shining.Girl
ZlemLonging, yearningGirl
ZmarakLike a little lionGirl
ZoeyLife, To breathe or liveGirl
ZoffanyCelestial, or a heavenly giftGirl
ZofieA form of Sofia, meaning wisdom.Girl
ZohalZohal is the name of the moon of another planetGirl
ZoheretHebrew - She Shines; Splendor; A derivative from the name ZoharGirl
ZoiOld Greek - Life; A variant form of name ZoeGirl
ZoishThe invoker. It's the name of Zarathushtra's grandmother.Girl
ZojaOld Greek - Life; A variant form of name ZoeGirl
ZolaEarth or Ball of EarthGirl
ZoobiaOne who has the blessings of the almighty.Girl
ZoonaA sensible, wise and intelligent woman.Girl
ZoputanThe protectorGirl

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