97 Gothic Baby Girl Names With Meanings

AnastasiaResurrection; coming againGirl
AnnabelA loving human beingGirl
BellatrixBellatrix is WarlikeGirl
ClaudiaAs mentioned in the New Testament, it is the feminine form of 'Claudius', a 7th century saintGirl
DrusillaFruitful; they are blessedGirl
Evangelinea good news or a good gospel.Girl
LucretiaLatin word for wealthGirl
VesperEvening star or evening prayerUnisex
AlthaiaA medicinal herbGirl
AlvaraAn army of warrior elves who protect the universe like a guardianGirl
AlveraDearly Loved; Gothic - True to all; Truly Foreign; Truly Lively; A variation of the name ElviraGirl
AlviraDearly Loved; Gothic - True to all; Truly Foreign; Truly Lively; A variation of the name ElviraGirl
AmmarA strong man who is a builderUnisex
AndaSpanish - Going; Gothic - Peace through bravery; Bold Protector; Bold Journey; A variant of AlexandraGirl
ArtemiaThe moon goddessGirl
BerniaThe angel in armor.Girl
CaeraCaera is a variant form of Cara and means beloved or friend.Girl
CeiridwenA fair womanGirl
CelosiaThe burning flame.Girl
DesdemonaMisery or unlucky. Name of Shakespeare's heroine.Girl
DruillaElfin visionGirl
EirisseA variant of Iris, meaning rainbowGirl
EllamaeA combination name; one who is true to allGirl
ElsinoreName of Hamlet's castleUnisex
EmeraudeFrench word for emerald.Girl
ErantheSpring flowerGirl
EventideThe time of evening, eveningGirl
FeroniaGoddess of the forests.Girl
FleurdeliceLily flowerGirl
GalsuendaStrong singingGirl
GalswintheStrong singingGirl
GehennaNew Testament version of hellGirl
GrimoireName of the book of incantations, summoning spirits and making medicines.Unisex
HecateName of a Greek sorceress. It means far off.Girl
HelleboreName of a flower that blooms in the middle of winter.Girl
HesperiaThe evening starGirl
IndigoThe color dark blueUnisex
IolanaSoaring like a hawk.Girl
IoneViolet flowerGirl
IsolabellaThe beautiful lonely one.Girl
KolfinnaA white ladyGirl
LechsinskaWoodland spiritGirl
LovecraftOne who is skilled, strengthUnisex
MagenaThe coming moon.Girl
MaleficentShe who is productive of harm or evil.Girl
MusetteChild of the muses.Girl
MyvanwyThe rare oneGirl
NightshadeA poisonous purple flowerGirl
NocturneMusic evoking night.Unisex
OrdeliaElf's spearGirl
PaganOne who is a follower of polytheistic religionUnisex
QuintellaFemale derivative of Quintus, meaning fifth.Girl
RaelinnA variant of Rachel, meaning beautiful lamb.Girl
SapphiraSapphire gemstoneGirl
SardonyxThe gemstone onyx, a red version.Girl
SemyazzaThe name of a fallen Christian angel.Girl
SeraphineBurning fire, flameGirl
ShabririJewish demon of blindness.Girl
SullenOne who is bad tempered or sulky.Unisex
TempestaFemale form of Tempest, meaning storm.Girl
TierneyDescendant of Tighearnach.Girl
TizaneA gypsyGirl
TourmalineColored crystalsGirl
UlvaShe wolfGirl
UraniaHeaven or heavenlyGirl
UrsuletteFemale bear cubGirl
VanityInflated in prideGirl
VelikaThe falling oneGirl
VenetteWoman of VeniceGirl
VesperaThe evening star. A variant of Vesper.Girl
WanetteThe pale oneGirl
WrenA birdGirl
XantheThe shade gold.Girl
XaverieFemale version of Xavier, meaning the new house.Girl
XenaWelcoming and hospitableGirl
XyliaFrom the woodsGirl
YsabelleConsecrated to GodGirl
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