97 Gothic Baby Girl Names With Meanings


Gothic might evoke images of black clothing and dark make-up, but Gothic baby girl names symbolize more than just a fashion statement. They come from a group of people known as the Goths, who were a Germanic tribe known for their contribution to the fall of the Western Roman Empire. Gothic names could be traced back as early as the 3rd century in Scythia (1). These names were found in Roman records as early as the 4th century. However, with the incoming Muslim conquest of Hispania, the Gothic tradition started to disperse. The language of the Gothic people is now extinct. It is the only Eastern Germanic language with a collection of written texts. So, if you are a parent who likes unique names that would make your child stand out, why not go for a Gothic name? Older Gothic names bear a few similarities with Germanic names in composition. They are also composed of two nymic elements known as duonymic names. Traditional Gothic names often had contrasting meanings that made no sense. For example, Frithugais, meaning ‘peace spear,’ or Frithubadws, meaning ‘peace war,’ have opposite meanings. Longer Gothic names were often shortened; for instance, Gaina, the contracted form of Gaisananths. Some shorter names were also identified by the -a or -ja suffixes, and diminutives were created with suffixes like -ila or -ika (2). Gothic can refer to a medieval art and architecture movement and Gothic fiction. This literary genre gave rise to the modern association of the term with horror and romantic elements. Thus, current Gothic names are distinctly different from traditional ones. These names have mystical connotations and share Greek, Slavic, Latin, and German roots, along with Gothic. Explore the realm of Gothic baby girl names in our list and choose the one that resonates most with your toddler.

heart image Anastasia Baby Girl Sign Girl Resurrection; Coming again
heart image Annabel Baby Girl Sign Girl Graceful; Beloved
heart image Bellatrix Baby Girl Sign Girl Female warrior
heart image Claudia Baby Girl Sign Girl Differently abled; Closed
heart image Drusilla Baby Girl Sign Girl Strong
heart image Evangeline Baby Girl Sign Girl Messenger of good news
heart image Lucretia Baby Girl Sign Girl Wealth
heart image Vesper Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Evening star; Evening prayer
heart image Althaia Baby Girl Sign Girl Healing herb
heart image Alvara Baby Girl Sign Girl An army of warrior elves who protect the universe like a guardian
heart image Alvera Baby Girl Sign Girl Variant of Elvira; Dearly loved; Gothic; True to all; Truly foreign; Truly lively
heart image Alvira Baby Girl Sign Girl Dearly loved; Truly foreign; Truly lively; Gift of God
heart image Ammar Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Prosperous long life
heart image Anda Baby Girl Sign Girl Going; Peace through bravery; Bold protector; Bold journey; A variant of Alexandra
heart image Artemia Baby Girl Sign Girl The moon goddess
heart image Bernia Baby Girl Sign Girl The angel in armor
heart image Caera Baby Girl Sign Girl Beloved; Friend; Field
heart image Ceiridwen Baby Girl Sign Girl A fair woman
heart image Celosia Baby Girl Sign Girl The burning flame
heart image Desdemona Baby Girl Sign Girl Misery; Unlucky
heart image Draconia Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Dire
heart image Druilla Baby Girl Sign Girl Elfin vision
heart image Eirisse Baby Girl Sign Girl A variant of Iris; Rainbow
heart image Ellamae Baby Girl Sign Girl A combination name; One who is true to all
heart image Elsinore Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Name of Hamlet's castle
heart image Emeraude Baby Girl Sign Girl Emerald
heart image Emmeranne Baby Girl Sign Girl Raven
heart image Ennata Baby Girl Sign Girl Goddess
heart image Eranthe Baby Girl Sign Girl Spring flower
heart image Eventide Baby Girl Sign Girl The time of evening; Evening
heart image Feronia Baby Girl Sign Girl Goddess of the forests
heart image Fleurdelice Baby Girl Sign Girl Lily flower
heart image Galsuenda Baby Girl Sign Girl Strong singing
heart image Galswinthe Baby Girl Sign Girl Strong singing
heart image Gehenna Baby Girl Sign Girl New Testament version of hell
heart image Grimoire Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Name of the book of incantations, summoning spirits and making medicines.
heart image Hecate Baby Girl Sign Girl Far off
heart image Hellebore Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of a flower that blooms in the middle of winter
heart image Hesperia Baby Girl Sign Girl The evening star
heart image Ianira Baby Girl Sign Girl Enchantress
heart image Indigo Unisex Baby Sign Unisex The dye from India
heart image Iolana Baby Girl Sign Girl Soaring like a hawk
heart image Ione Baby Girl Sign Girl Violet flower
heart image Isolabella Baby Girl Sign Girl The beautiful, lonely one
heart image Izora Baby Girl Sign Girl Dawn
heart image Jevera Baby Girl Sign Girl Life
heart image Joliette Baby Girl Sign Girl Pretty
heart image Kolfinna Baby Girl Sign Girl A white lady
heart image Lechsinska Baby Girl Sign Girl Woodland spirit
heart image Lovecraft Unisex Baby Sign Unisex One who is skilled; Strength
heart image Magena Baby Girl Sign Girl The coming moon
heart image Maleficent Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is productive of harm or evil
heart image Musette Baby Girl Sign Girl The child of the Muses
heart image Myvanwy Baby Girl Sign Girl The rare one
heart image Nightshade Baby Girl Sign Girl A poisonous purple flower
heart image Nocturne Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Music evoking night
heart image Ordelia Baby Girl Sign Girl Elf's spear
heart image Pagan Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Rural; Country dweller
heart image Qadira Baby Girl Sign Girl Powerful
heart image Quintella Baby Girl Sign Girl Female derivative of Quintus; Fifth
heart image Raelinn Baby Girl Sign Girl A variant of Rachel, a beautiful lamb
heart image Rhodanthe Baby Girl Sign Girl Rose
heart image Samhain Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Halloween
heart image Sanctity Baby Girl Sign Girl Holiness
heart image Sapphira Baby Girl Sign Girl Sapphire
heart image Sardonyx Baby Girl Sign Girl The gemstone onyx; A red version
heart image Seiran Baby Girl Sign Girl Sparkling
heart image Semyazza Baby Girl Sign Girl A fallen Christian angel.
heart image Seraphine Baby Girl Sign Girl Order of fiery angels; Burning ones
heart image Shabriri Baby Girl Sign Girl Jewish demon of blindness
heart image Sullen Unisex Baby Sign Unisex One who is bad-tempered or sulky
heart image Tempesta Baby Girl Sign Girl Storm
heart image Tierney Baby Girl Sign Girl Lord; Descendant of Tighearnach
heart image Tizane Baby Girl Sign Girl A gypsy
heart image Tourmaline Baby Girl Sign Girl Colored crystals
heart image Trista Baby Girl Sign Girl Sorrow
heart image Turaya Baby Girl Sign Girl Star
heart image Ulva Baby Girl Sign Girl She-wolf
heart image Urania Baby Girl Sign Girl Heaven; Heavenly
heart image Ursulette Baby Girl Sign Girl Female bear cub
heart image Vanity Baby Girl Sign Girl Inflated in pride
heart image Vasilisa Baby Girl Sign Girl Queen
heart image Velika Baby Girl Sign Girl The falling one
heart image Venette Baby Girl Sign Girl Woman of Venice
heart image Vespera Baby Girl Sign Girl The evening star
heart image Wanette Baby Girl Sign Girl The pale one
heart image Wren Baby Girl Sign Girl A bird
heart image Xanthe Baby Girl Sign Girl The shade gold
heart image Xaverie Baby Girl Sign Girl Female version of Xavier; The new house
heart image Xena Baby Girl Sign Girl Hospitable
heart image Xylia Baby Girl Sign Girl From the woods
heart image Yolanthe Baby Girl Sign Girl Strong
heart image Ysabelle Baby Girl Sign Girl Consecrated to God
heart image Zakira Baby Girl Sign Girl Remembrance
heart image Zella Baby Girl Sign Girl Lacking nothing; Young warrior
heart image Zephirah Baby Girl Sign Girl Dawn
heart image Zetta Baby Girl Sign Girl Seven

Gothic baby girl names have been derived from the Gothic people, who were a Germanic tribe. The traces of Gothic names have existed since the 3rd and 4th centuries. However, their tradition of names started declining with the Islamic invasion. Traditional Gothic names share similarities with Germanic names, but modern Ones have more mystical, mythical, spiritual, religious, and romantic elements. So, if you are looking for some unique names for your daughter, our list of Gothic names is for you.

Infographic: Mystical Gothic Baby Girl Names

Gothic girl names have an aura of mystery and much historical depth. Taken from the extinct language of the Goths and inspired by Victorian Gothic literature, these names stand out for their distinctiveness. The infographic below presents a compilation of feminine Gothic names and their meanings. Take a moment to explore them; you might find some unique ones for your daughter.

sublime gothic baby girl names (infographic)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some Gothic baby girl names related to beauty or elegance?

Seraphina is derived from the biblical word seraphim, which means 'fiery ones,' and symbolizes ethereal, angelic beauty. Belinda translates to 'beautiful' and 'tender' and represents grace and delicateness. Lilith derived from the Akkadian term lilitu, means 'of the night' and is often associated with the mystery and beauty of darkness.

2. Which Gothic baby girl name is related to wisdom or intelligence?

Minerva, possibly derived from the Latin term mens, means 'intellect.' The Roman goddess of wisdom and war shares the name and carries positive connotations, including power, knowledge, and strategic thinking.

3. What are some Gothic baby girl names related to royalty or nobility?

Guinevere, meaning 'fair one,' relates to the legendary queen of Arthurian tales. Jezebel, translating to 'pure,' is associated with the condemned queen of Israel. Morrigan means 'great queen' and is related to Irish history. Titania draws inspiration from Shakespeare's fairy queen, and Xenobia, meaning 'of Zeus,' links to a Syrian queen who conquered Egypt.

4. What are some Gothic baby girl names that have a meaning related to the moon or stars?

Selene means 'moon' and is the name of the Greek goddess of the moon. Danika, a variant of Danica, signifies 'morning star' or 'venus.' Luna, inspired by the Roman goddess of the moon, and Astra, meaning 'star' in Greek, are some Gothic names associated with the celestial bodies or the night sky.

5. What are some Gothic baby girl names linked to music or the arts?

Melody (pleasant musical tune), Sonata (musical composition), Harmony (pleasing combination of sounds, and Cadence (referring to beat in music) are some elegant baby girl names that reflect the creative and artistic aspects of Gothic culture.

6. What are some Gothic baby girl names related to nature?

Rose (associated with the rose plant), Briar (referring to a thorny bush adorned with wild roses), Ursula (meaning she-bear), Wren (a specific avian species), and Xylia (meaning one who dwells in the woods) are some attractive Gothic names that connect to nature and its beauty.

7. Which Gothic baby girl names are inspired by famous Gothic novels or movies?

Carmilla from Sheridan Le Fanu's novel 'Carmilla' and Lenore from Edgar Allan Poe's poem 'The Raven' are classic examples of baby girl names inspired by famous Gothic literature. Some more titles in this category include Esmeralda from Victor Hugo's French Gothic novel 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Ophelia from Shakespeare's 'Hamlet.'


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