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38 Greek Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter C

Calandra An escapade, a lark Girl
Calantha One who is like a beautiful flower Girl
Calista The one who is most beautiful Girl
Calixta The most gorgeous woman Girl
Calla To be the most beautiful Girl
Callie The most beautiful one Girl
Calliope A lady whith a sweet voice Girl
Callista Young woman who is the most beautiful Girl
Calypso A woman who covers and conceals Girl
Carissa A very, very dear woman Girl
Cassandra An excelling and shining woman Girl
Cassiopeia A name from Greek mythology Girl
Cate An innocent and pure girl Girl
Catherine She is a pure and innocente one, a virgin Girl
Celena Variation of Selina; Goddess of the Moon Girl
Charis A rare and graceful person Girl
Charmian Sharing a litle joy Girl
Chloe Fresh blooming, ripe green shoot Girl
Chloris Goddess of the Spring season. Girl
Christina Feminine form of Christianity Girl
Cinda Something that is originated from the mountain "Kynthos" Girl
Cipriana A woman from Cyprus. Girl
Circe A witch; siren; magician Girl
Clematis A type of a climbing stemmed plant; a vine plant Girl
Cleopatra Father's glory or fame; recognition of Father Girl
Cleora It means glory or fame of the Father Girl
Clete To call on someone; to call someone Girl
Cliantha Honour, glory, repute, name, credit Girl
Cora Boiling water that has foams; can also mean maiden, a young woman Girl
Corinna A young, unmarried woman; a Maiden Girl
Corisande The flower of the heart; the person closest to the heart Girl
Cosima Harmony and peace in the universe Girl
Cressida Shakespeare used this word from the Ancient Greek name "Chryseis" meaning Golden Girl
Cyane Bright blue colored Girl
Cybele Mythical Goddess Girl
Cynara A growing plant Girl
Cynna One who is tough. Girl
Cynthia Beautiful Moon Goddess Girl
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