38 Greek Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter C

CalandraAn escapade, a larkGirl
CalanthaOne who is like a beautiful flowerGirl
CalistaThe one who is most beautifulGirl
CalixtaThe most gorgeous womanGirl
CallaTo be the most beautifulGirl
CallieThe most beautiful oneGirl
CalliopeA lady whith a sweet voiceGirl
CallistaYoung woman who is the most beautifulGirl
CalypsoA woman who covers and concealsGirl
CarissaA very, very dear womanGirl
CassandraAn excelling and shining womanGirl
CassiopeiaA name from Greek mythologyGirl
CateAn innocent and pure girlGirl
CatherineShe is a pure and innocente one, a virginGirl
CelenaVariation of Selina; Goddess of the MoonGirl
CharisA rare and graceful personGirl
CharmianSharing a litle joyGirl
ChloeFresh blooming, ripe green shootGirl
ChlorisGoddess of the Spring season.Girl
ChristinaFeminine form of ChristianityGirl
CindaSomething that is originated from the mountain "Kynthos"Girl
CiprianaA woman from Cyprus.Girl
CirceA witch; siren; magicianGirl
ClematisA type of a climbing stemmed plant; a vine plantGirl
CleopatraFather's glory or fame; recognition of FatherGirl
CleoraIt means glory or fame of the FatherGirl
CleteTo call on someone; to call someoneGirl
ClianthaHonour, glory, repute, name, creditGirl
CoraBoiling water that has foams; can also mean maiden, a young womanGirl
CorinnaA young, unmarried woman; a MaidenGirl
CorisandeThe flower of the heart; the person closest to the heartGirl
CosimaHarmony and peace in the universeGirl
CressidaShakespeare used this word from the Ancient Greek name "Chryseis" meaning GoldenGirl
CyaneBright blue coloredGirl
CybeleMythical GoddessGirl
CynaraA growing plantGirl
CynnaOne who is tough.Girl
CynthiaBeautiful Moon GoddessGirl
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