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30 Greek Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter T

Tancy An immortal woman Girl
Tansy One who has immortality Girl
Tasia Resurrection Girl
Tereese Harvest. Tereese is a form of Teresa. Girl
Tesha Old Greek - Hunter; Harvester; Guardian; Women from Therasia; A derivative of the name Theresa Girl
Tessa Harvester Unisex
Thais A beloved girl Girl
Thalia To flourish, bloom Girl
Thao Respectful, obedient Girl
Thea Gift of god Girl
Theia She who is like a goddess Girl
Thekla God and glory Girl
Themis One who is righteous Girl
Theodosia Giver of God Girl
Theone A sublime gift Girl
Theora She who watches Girl
Theresa A harvester Unisex
Thessaloniki Victory over Thessalians. Also a place name in Greece. Girl
Thetis Mother of Achilles Girl
Thisbe Greek mythological name Girl
Tiffany The true manifestation of the God Girl
Tim One who honors god Unisex
Timothea Honoring god Girl
Tina A Christian girl; She who follows Christ Girl
Titania A queen of the fairies Girl
Todorka Bulgarian feminine form of Theodora, meaning gift of God. Girl
Topaz A precious gemstone or jewel Girl
Toula In Greek it means Light. In Hindi its is a Astrological sign Girl
Triinu Triinu is a form of Katariina. It means pure. Girl
Trinity The holy triad. Girl
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