527 Greek Baby Names With Meanings

When talking about Greek baby names, Apollo, Alexander, Aphrodite, and Trojan are the ones that strike first to the mind. But there’s a lot to Greek baby names beyond these. Sophia, which has been one of the leading baby girl names for decades, originated in Greece. We bet you didn’t know that. And Luke, which most of us presume to be a Biblical name, also has Greek roots. Yes, this gorgeous coastal country has no shortage of baby name inspiration.

In Greece, baby names are not just labels to differentiate one child from another. These names are more like tradition, passed down from one generation to another. The first born baby boy is named after paternal grandfather, and first born girl is named after her paternal grandmother.

Check out our catalog of Greek baby names to select the best moniker for your little one. From ancient, Greek mythological names to modern Greek names, MomJunction has got everything for you.

AththanGreek - Immortal; Eternal LifeBoy
AtlantaOld Greek - Atlas; Equal in weight; A Huntress; Immovable; A variant of name AtalantaGirl
AundreOld Greek - Man; Manly; Brave; Virility; A variant of name AndreBoy
AutodikosThe one who takes law in hands.Boy
AxiosA capable man.Boy
BalakrosOne who is bald.Boy
BarbaEstonian variant of Barbara, meaning stranger.Girl
BarbelForeign or strangeGirl
CharalambosGlowing with joyBoy
CorneliuRomanian form of Cornelius, meaning 'horn'.Boy
CostasConstant or steady. It's the short form of Constantine.Boy
CynnaOne who is tough.Girl
DarijoCroatian form of Darius, meaning to possess.Boy
DeinokratisA terrible ruler.Boy
DenisRomanian form of Dionysus, meaning 'Greek God of wine'.Boy
DimnosA term meaning I have fear.Boy
DinuA variant of Dionisie, meaning Greek god of wine.Boy
DionisieRomanian form of Dionysus, meaning 'Greek God of wine'.Boy
DorelEstonian form of Dorothy. It means gift of God.Girl
DorytyCornish form of Dorothy, meaning gift of God.Girl
DymekLover of earth.Boy
ElysiumThe place where heroes in Greek mythology go when they die.Boy
ErantheSpring flowerGirl
EurydikeWide justiceGirl
EuthaliaFlower or BloomGirl
EvangeliyaBulgarian feminine form of Evangelos, meaning messengerGirl
EvnikaKazakh form of Euneike, meaning good victoryGirl
FulupBretons form of Philip, meaning lover of horsesBoy
GalswintheStrong singingGirl
GannaFavor, a woman who is full of grace.Girl
GhenadieRomanian form of Gennadias, meaning noble, and generous.Boy
GiulianuSicilian form of Iulianus, meaning downy or hairy.Boy
GrigoreRomanian form of Gregory, meaning watchful or alert.Boy
GrygoriyUkrainian variant of Gregory, meaning watchful or alert.Boy
HaralambRomanian form of Charalampos, meaning to shine from happiness.Boy
HaralambiBulgarian form of Charalampos. It means to shine with happiness.Boy
HecateName of a Greek sorceress. It means far off.Girl
HegelochosThe one who always walks ahead.Boy
HeleHele is a form of Helen and means light.Girl
HephaistionGreek god of fire and ice.Boy
HerakleidesThe key of Hera.Boy
HristoforBulgarian variant of Christopher, meaning carrier of Christ.Boy
IolandaRomanian form of Yolanda, meaning violet.Girl
IonA variant of Ioanenes, meaning God is gracious.Boy
IoneViolet flowerGirl
IorghuRomanian form of the name Georgios, meaning earth-worker or farmer.Boy
IpàzziaSicilian form of Hypatia. It means highest or supreme.Girl
IriaColorful or rainbowGirl
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