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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Gregory

The masculine given name Gregory finds its roots in the Latin name Gregorius, which originates from the Greek name Grēgórios meaning ‘watchful’ and ‘alert.’ Gregory, a traditional name that was highly favored for more than 1,500 years, has since taken on a modern meaning of ‘swift’ and ‘quick.’ The name is also associated with the Latin word “grex” meaning ‘flock’ or ‘herd.’ The name’s Latin origin and meaning contributed to the name’s popularity among monks and popes, linking it to a shepherd who diligently guides his flock.

The name Gregorius has been used by 16 popes and two antipopes throughout history. Along with Benedict, the name Gregory ranks as the second most popular name for popes, following John. Its association with Christianity has contributed to its enduring popularity.

The name Gregory is pronounced differently in the US and England. Gregory is pronounced “greh-guh-ree” in American English and “greh-go-ree” in British English. The masculine name also comes with its fair share of variations, such as Greg, Gregory, Gregori, Gregorius, and Grigor.

Following the rise of the actor Gregory Peck in the 1950s, the name began to be increasingly used in the US and became one of the ten most common names for boys. Gregory has since maintained its stature. The nickname Greg has also received considerable popularity.

The name also means a mindful leader guiding his people through strife. Although morphed into an upstanding dad name, the name Gregory is the perfect combination of deep roots with a modern feel.

The name has also crept into pop culture. In the Harry Potter movie and book series, the name of one of the wizards is Gregory Goyle. Gregory “Greg” Heffley is a fictional character who is the main protagonist in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid franchise. In more recent times, Gregory Eddie is a first-grade teacher and one of the lead characters in the ABC hit mockumentary sitcom Abbott Elementary.


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How To Pronounce Gregory?


Famous People With The Name Gregory

  • Eldred Gregory PeckAn American actor who was considered the 12th-greatest male star of Classic Hollywood Cinema
  • Pope Gregory I (“the Great;” 590–604)A Pope of the Catholic Church after whom the Gregorian chant was named
  • Gregory BatesonAn English anthropologist, social scientist, and linguist, developed the double-bind theory of schizophrenia along with his colleagues
  • Gregory Anthony Isaacs ODA Jamaican reggae musician, known as “the most exquisite vocalist in reggae”
  • Nicholas Gregory MankiwAn American macroeconomist, known for his work on New Keynesian economics

Gregory On The Popularity Chart

The name Gregory has witnessed a fall in popularity and ranking over the years. Study the following graphs for a better understanding.

Popularity Over Time

Gregory was widely popular since the beginning of its use in the 1980s. However, in the 2000s, it witnessed a significant decline. The graph below represents the evolution of the name.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Gregory was at the top of the ranking chart in the 1980s, reaching an all-time high of 12,112 in 1983. However, the name has witnessed a continuous drop in ranks since then, with a slight improvement in 1995 and 2020. Check the graph for more information.

Source: Social Security Administration

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Name Numerology For Gregory

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