168 Hawaiian Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Hawaii is known for its tropical climate, serene beauty, city culture, and numerous beaches that make it a great vacation spot. When it comes to Hawaiian names, they are no less as they are connected with nature, beauty, and adventure. Most baby names are derived from the Hawaiian language that attracts attention. They also believed that their names offer a natural and cool vibe to the baby.

Some of the most popular and beautiful names are Ailani (high chief), Kai (sea), Keanu (cool breeze) and Leia (child of heaven). We bring you many more cool Hawaiian baby girl names and their meanings that can give you so much inspiration.

KaleaKalea name mans Joy and HappinessGirl
KalehoThe name means The Cowry ShellUnisex
KaleiThe name Kalei means The One who works for the KinfUnisex
KaleiaCurled flower or twisted flowerGirl
KaleighiaHappiness or a bliss, flowersGirl
KaleoKaleo means The VoiceUnisex
KalonaHawaiian meaning is The Sky, Hwbrew meaning of the name is Singer, PlainGirl
KaloniKaloni means The Sky, The Royal OneGirl
KamaleiKamelei means Beloved ChildGirl
KamayaKamaya means Precious OneGirl
KameaKamea means The One and OnlyGirl
KananiKanani means The one who is BeautifulGirl
KaniKani means SoundGirl
KapenaKapena means Captainunisex
KaponoKapono means RighteousUnisex
KapueoKapueo name means Owl in HawaiianUnisex
KapulaThe meaning of the name Kapula is PrayerUnisex
KapuniKapuni name means Favorite OneUnisex
KawenaKawena means The Rosy Glow in the SkyUnisex
KeahiThe meaning of the name is FireUnisex
KeahilaniThe name means Heaven's FireUnisex
KealaKeala means The Path, The RoadUnisex
KealaniThe name means The Clear and White HeavenUnisex
KealiiKealii means ChiefUnisex
KealohaKealoha means The One Who is LovedUnisex
KealohiKealohi means The One Who ShinesUnisex
KealohilaniThe name means The Shine of the HeavenUnisex
KeaniKeani means Breeze or WaveUnisex
KeanuKeanu name means Coolness, the Cool BreezeUnisex
KehauKehau means Heavenly dewGirl
KehlaniSea and SkyGirl
KeikiKeiki means ChildUnisex
KeikilaniKeiklani means Heaven's ChildUnisex
KeilaniKeilani means Skies and the SeaGirl
KekaKeka means Chosen, Selected, AppointedUnisex
KekalaKekala means She is ChosenGirl
KekepaniaThe name means Crowned in VictoryGirl
KelaniKelani means Heavenunisex
KeliiThe name means The Chiefunisex
KeoneKeona means God's Gracious GiftGirl
KianaKiana means Divine and HeavenlyGirl
KieleKiele means Fragnant BlossomGirl
KielleThe name means GardeniaGirl
KielyKiely name means Garden of FlowersGirl
KilohanaKilohana means Superior, Bestunisex
KinaKina means Vindicated in HawaiianGirl
KinipelaKinipela means WaveGirl
LahelaLahela means Innocent LambGirl
LaiaLaia means Sweet-SpeakingGirl
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