167 Hawaiian Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Hawaii is known for its tropical climate, serene beauty, city culture, and numerous beaches that make it a great vacation spot. When it comes to Hawaiian names, they are no less as they are connected with nature, beauty, and adventure. Most baby names are derived from the Hawaiian language that attracts attention. They also believed that their names offer a natural and cool vibe to the baby.

Some of the most popular and beautiful names are Ailani (high chief), Kai (sea), Keanu (cool breeze) and Leia (child of heaven). We bring you many more cool Hawaiian baby girl names and their meanings that can give you so much inspiration.

LainiLaini means Heaven, SkyGirl
LanaiTerrace; Veranda; Floating boatGirl
LanniHeavenly one, the SkyGirl
LeiA garland of the heavenly flowersGirl
LeiaHeavanly childGirl
LeialohaA Child who is cherised and lovedUnisex
LeikoA pettite flowerUnisex
LeilanaA flower that grows in the heavenGirl
LeilaniA child that is of royal bloodUnisex
LenaiHawaiian name that means porch, a patioGirl
LeolaniHeavelny womanGirl
LilihaDescribing someone who is angry and disregardedGirl
LiloPerson who is generous and givingUnisex
LoeHawaiian word for kingUnisex
LoniA sky in Hawaiian, a Light in Latin or Solitary in EnglishGirl
LouannHawaiian name meaning enjoymentGirl
LouanneThe one who is enjoying lifeGirl
LuaA contended, relaxes and joyful individualGirl
LuannDelight and amusemenGirl
LuannaEnjoyment, Happiness and BlissGirl
MahinaMoon; MoonlightGirl
MaileHawaiian nature name refers to a vine or a shrubGirl
MaileeA vine plantGirl
MakaA favorite, most loved oneGirl
MakaioOne who was a God's giftUnisex
MakanaA girl who is a gift to the worldGirl
MakelinaFrom MagdeleneGirl
MalanaLight; BuoyantGirl
MalaniShe who is from the skyGirl
MaleaHawaiian name describing something that is possible, probableGirl
MalianaShe who is beautifulGirl
MalinaA calming, southing personGirl
MalluOne who exudes peacefulnessGirl
MaluOne who brings peaceGirl
ManaOne who is full of spiritUnisex
MayleeShe who resembles a wild flowerGirl
MekaThe most important and precious part of the body, which give light to our path; eyesGirl
MilaniA soft and gentle affectionate touchGirl
MilianiHawaiian - Gentle CaressGirl
MililaniA gentle touch from the heavenUnisex
MoanaHawaiian - Ocean; A variant transcription is MoannaGirl
MoannaHawaiian - Ocean; A variant form of MoanaGirl
NalaniThe Head, or the chief or the heavensGirl
NalanieThe calm skyGirl
NanaIn Hawaiian it is the name of a spring month. In Japanese it means fresh or green vegetables. In Africa it signifies the status of a monarch.Unisex
NaneaA land of the heavenGirl
NaniIn Hawaiian it meant beauty or splendour. In Japanese it too means beauty.Unisex
NapuaResembles floras or flowers.Girl
NoelaniFog from paradise.Girl
NohealaniPrettiest woman from paradise.Girl
OhanaA person who rules or guides or inspires others.Girl
OhannaA man distinguished by exceptional courage and nobility and strengthGirl
OkelaniA Hindi word to a pleasant blue sky.Girl
OlianaA ornamental poisonous shrubGirl
OlinaHappiness, delightful, blissful, cheerfulGirl
OlineJoyful or jovial or merry or jollyGirl
PalapalaLatin - Foreign Women; Hawaiian variant of Barbara.Girl
PalilaA rare and small birdGirl
PazhaniA free and independent beingUnisex
PeleHawaiian - From the volcanoGirl
PilialohaHawaiian - Beloved; LovingGirl
PualaniHawaiian - Heavenly Flower; Royal Offspring; Flower; OffspringGirl
PunaA water springUnisex
TangiTo cry with great sadnessUnisex
ZariahName of a flower or God has favoredGirl
ZariyahName of a flower or God has favoredGirl
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