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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Hayden

Hayden is a conventional English name meaning “hay hill.” It is derived from the Old English name Headda, which is composed of the elements Headd meaning “head,” and Da, meaning “leader.” However, as a surname, Hayden means “hay fire, ” derived from the word Hegdun and composed of the elements heg meaning “hay” and dun means “hill” or “valley.” In Welsh, the meaning of the name Hayden is “fire.”

Hayden is also shortened Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó hÉideáin “a descendant of Éideán” and Ó hÉidín “a descendant of Éidín” personal names apparently from a diminutive of éideadh meaning “clothes armor.” Haydon, Hayden, or Heydon are English placements, which are the habitational names derived from the root word Hayden and used as variations of the same.

Other variations of the name Hayden include Haeden, Haiden, Haidyn, Haydn, and Heyden. The name has several nicknames like Den, Denny, Hadie, Hadley, Hay, Hay-Hay, and Hays.

The name Hayden was a fairly obscure name till the 1980s. However, Hayden saw a resurgence in popularity thanks to the “Star Wars” fame American actor Hayden Christensen. References to its name can be found in popular cultures as well in the name of Hayden Fox, appearing as a fictional character in the American sitcom television series “Coach” played by Craig T. Nelson. He is shown to be the head coach of the NCAA Division I-A Minnesota State University Screaming Eagles football team. Hayden Romero is a recurring fictional character in the American supernatural teen drama television series “Teen Wolf.” She first made her appearance as a sophomore at Beacon Hills High School and was portrayed by the actress Victoria Moroles. Hayden Keyes is another recurring character in the American comedy-drama television series “Northern Exposure.” He is a blacksmith by occupation and is well-liked by everyone in spite of having a shady past.


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Heather-Grown hill
 H..  Ha..  Hai..  Hay..  Hed..  Hit..  Hot..  Haa..  Had.. 

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Famous People With The Name Hayden

  • Hayden PanettiereAmerican actress, renowned for her role in NBC superhero series “Heroes”
  • Hayden DaltonAmerican professional basketball player, also plays in the Israeli Basketball Premier League
  • Matthew HaydenFormer Australian cricketer and commentator
  • Hayden ByerlyAmerican actor, renowned for his role in the drama series “The Fosters”
  • Hayden Walsh Jr.Antiguan-American cricketer representing both the US and West Indies National Cricket teams

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