1545 Hebrew Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Hebrew is the first language of the Bible and has many popular names used by Jews and Christians. Some names are also associated with Islam as mentioned in the Quran. Most of the Hebrew names are borrowed from other languages including Aramaic, Egyptian, Canaanite or Phoenician.

Some Hebrew names contain theophoric names that embed the name of God with the suffix, ‘el.’ Examples, Gabriel (man of God) and Micheal (who is like God).

Check our list of favorite Hebrew boy names that hold a beautiful meaning.

AbsalonGod the Father is peaceBoy
AbsolomMy father is peaceBoy
AbyFather of multitude or massesBoy
AcharTo disturb or to troubleBoy
AchatiusIn Hebrew it means the God is holding. In Greek it means a duminitive personBoy
AchavaThe friendship or the companionshipUnisex
AchazHebrew - God is Holding; One that Takes or PossessesBoy
AcherThe other one or the outsiderBoy
AchimHebrew - Yahewh will establish; A name variant of Joachim.Boy
AdArabic - Settler; German - Noble Wolf; Son of the Red Earth; Son of AdamBoy
AdamMan, earthBoy
AdamaThe study or facts of earth or groundBoy
AdamesThe earth or someone born of earthBoy
AdamsThe person who is made of earthBoy
AdamssonThe son of Adam, from earthBoy
AdamusOne who is made of red earthBoy
AdanThe son of Adam, man or red earthBoy
AdarSyrian - Ruler, Prince; Hebrew - FireBoy
AddaiMan of GodBoy
AddarA mighty or a superior person. Son of JacobBoy
AddeyIn Hebrew it means off the red earth. In English it means bright and shining personBoy
AddyPet form of Adam, of the red earthBoy
AdeAfrican - Crown, Royal, Peak ; Hebrew - ManBoy
AdemHebrew - Man; Old Greek - Manly; BraveBoy
AderetOne who is glorious, a moshav in IsraelBoy
AdieCeltic - Little Fire; Hebrew - Man; Latin - Man from Hadria, dark oneBoy
AdielHebrew - ornament of God; Arabic - Being Just, Honest, A variant of name AdilBoy
AdimIn Hebrew - Man; A variant of name AdamBoy
AdivA delicate or gentle personBoy
AdlaiMy witnessBoy
AdmaaThe earth or the soulBoy
AdonaiMy lordBoy
AdoneThe Lord, or the GodBoy
AdreeIn Hebrew it means majesty of God. In Sanskrit it means RockBoy
AdrielThe collection of Gods, followers of GodBoy
AgasAgas in Hebrew means the fruit pear. A pear signifies strength,power, longevity, nobility and fruitfulness.Unisex
AgurHebrew - Compiler; Biblical - Stranger; Gathered TogetherBoy
AhabFather's brotherBoy
AhiramBrother of the exaltedBoy
AhmirVariation of Amir which means Father of ManyBoy
AhrunAssyrian form of Aaron, meaning exalted.Boy
AiryckDerived from the Old Norse Eirìkr, eternal rulerBoy
AissaGod savesBoy
AitanHebrew - StrongBoy
AizikYiddish form of Yitzchak, meaning he will laugh.Boy
AkeemArabic - Wise; Hebrew - Yahweh will establish; Established by Yahweh ; A derivative of name HakimBoy
AkibaOne who relaces the otherBoy
AkimGod will establish, The Lord exaltsBoy
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