1535 Hebrew Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Hebrew is the first language of the Bible and has many popular names used by Jews and Christians. Some names are also associated with Islam as mentioned in the Quran. Most of the Hebrew names are borrowed from other languages including Aramaic, Egyptian, Canaanite or Phoenician.

Some Hebrew names contain theophoric names that embed the name of God with the suffix, ‘el.’ Examples, Gabriel (man of God) and Micheal (who is like God).

Check our list of favorite Hebrew boy names that hold a beautiful meaning.

Ben-AryehSon of the lionBoy
Ben-TzionSon of Zion or son of excellenceBoy
Ben-TziyonSon of ZionBoy
Benjamimson of the south, son of the rightBoy
Benjison of the south, son of the rightBoy
BenjyHebrew - Son of the South; Son Of the Right Hand, Favorite; A diminutive of the name Benjamin and variant of BenBoy
Bennieson, son of; son of the south, son of the right hand, son of my old age, favorite; blessedBoy
BennyHebrew - Son of the South; Son Of the Right Hand, Favorite; A diminutive of the name Benjamin and variant of BenBoy
BethuelMan of GodBoy
BoasHebrew - Swift and Strong; A vairant of name BoazBoy
BoazHebrew - Swift and Strong; A vairant of name BoasBoy
BogdanoffGift of God.Boy
BrachaA beautiful blessingBoy
BramOne who is the father of many childrenBoy
BricheveTo recieve a blessingUnisex
CainHe who is good with the spearBoy
CalA devoted personUnisex
CalevLike a heartBoy
CaneOne who has a spearBoy
CarmiMy vineyardBoy
CephasA stone or a rockBoy
ChaelThe one who resembles GodBoy
ChagoThe holder of heel; a saintBoy
ChaimThe one filled with lifeBoy
ChanandeepThe cloudBoy
ChanandipLight of GodBoy
ChananelGod is compassionateBoy
ChanochA profound beingBoy
ChatzkelGod strengthens.Boy
ChavivHe who is beloved.Boy
ChayimLife; one who lives lifeBoy
CherubAn AngelBoy
ChesedA merciful individualUnisex
ChiramAn exalted and noble being.Boy
ChizkiyahuGod is my strengthBoy
ChoniA gracious being.Boy
CobOne who replaces or takes the place of someone elseBoy
CobbyA person who replaces or supplants or takes the place of someone elseBoy
CohenOne who performs sacred rituals; a priestBoy
Colben"Col" stands for the victory of men and "ben" stands for son ofBoy
CunacusMeant to be readBoy
DaanGod is a judgeBoy
DadGod is a fatherBoy
DaewonMerciful; humaneBoy
DaganName of a little fishBoy
DagonEarthly grainBoy
DaiveyThe one who is dearly lovedBoy
DamarisSuper gentle being; CalfBoy
DamekA tamer on EarthBoy
DanUnder God's justiceBoy
DanialGod is a rulerBoy
DanieA good workerUnisex
DanijelGod is a judgeBoy
DanilA JudgeBoy
DanilaGod is a judgeBoy
DaniloGod has been a judgeBoy
DaniyyelGod is my judgeBoy
DannJudge; provide justiceBoy
DanneeGod rules us allBoy
DannonGod will ruleBoy
DannyFolk songBoy
DannynA famous songBoy
DanoPet form of DanielBoy
DantinaLord's judgeBoy
DanuelFaithful ProphetBoy
DanutThe Romanian form of Daniel. It means beloved.Boy
DanutaGod is a loving judgeBoy
DanyThe right judgeBoy
DanyaA darling individualBoy
DanyalBest rulerBoy
DanyelGod will protectBoy
DanyellThe God who is a judgeBoy
DanyelleA true ruler; judgeBoy
DanylA passionate lover; judge of characterBoy
DarA PearlBoy
DashanYahweh is gracious, Yahweh is mercifulBoy
DavaVersion of David meaning belovedBoy
DavethOne who is the favouriteBoy
DaveyOne who is dearly loved and adoredBoy
DaviddeA sweet heart and a loverBoy
DavielOne who is a prizedBoy
DaviesA prized individualBoy
DavinA precious beingBoy
DavonDetermined workerUnisex
DavoodA friend; helperBoy
DavyA cherished and precious individualBoy
DavydA lovely human beingBoy
DayanA judge and a peacemaker; who finds joy in small thingsUnisex
DeedeeA beloved being; raging one from the valleyBoy
DeenA certain way of life; one who has faithBoy
DejohnYahweh is a merciful beingBoy
DekelA sensitive and respectable being; Palm treeBoy
DijonA gracious and wish fulfiling GodBoy
DivyenduThe Moon; they are happy and intelligentBoy
DorGeneration; one who is habitation nameBoy
DorleeA generation who lives in the homeBoy
DoronA present; they are helping naturedBoy
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