57 Hebrew Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter G

GabrielGod is my strengthUnisex
GabriellaGod is my strengthUnisex
GaabrielA form of Gabriel, meaning man of God.Boy
GabeFrom the name gabrielBoy
GaborGod is my strength and might.Boy
GabranOne who stays close to GodBoy
GabrianThe man who always stay close to God.Boy
GabrielaGod is my strengthUnisex
GabrieleGod has given me great power.Boy
GabrielloA champion of God.Boy
GadiPositive fortune or profitable future.Boy
GalMeaning wave; creative and practicalUnisex
GalelMovement or trend of God.Boy
GalilThe place is full of mountains.Boy
GalileeRebellion or uprising.Unisex
GalonResembles the power of the wave.Boy
GamalielGift from God.Boy
GamlielGod is my rewardBoy
GanaCrowd or multitude.Unisex
GanelHebrew - Garden of God;Boy
GanithArmed group or flower park.Boy
Garebdirty or shabby.Boy
GaufridusThe God of peaceBoy
GavrailBulgarian form of Gabriel. It means God is my strength.Boy
GavrielHebrew accent of Gabriel (God is my strength and power).Boy
GedaliahYahweh is outstanding or God is supernatural.Boy
GedalyaGod is perfect and magnificent.Boy
GedeonRefers to a slayer or killer.Boy
GemariahThe person who is completed or purified by God.Boy
GeovannyGod is thoughtful and caring.Boy
GeraHebrew - A Grain; Pilgrimage; Combat; Dispute;Boy
GerarRefers to a place of staying, dwelling place, accommodation.Boy
GeremiaGod is dwelling in high above the heavens.Boy
GershomRefers to an individual that one is not acquainted with.Boy
GershonThe person who dies not belong to the family of society.Boy
GershwinRelated to music or melody or song.Boy
GewisThe blackness of a personBoy
GiacobbeGod may protectBoy
GiamoA supplanter, replacementBoy
GianHebrew name meaning God's giftBoy
GideonGideon is a Biblical male name of Hebrew origins. It means He that Bruises or Breaks, a Destroyer.Boy
GidonGidon is a male name of Hebrew origin and means Mighty Warrior.Boy
GilGil is a male name of Hebrew origin and means Joy, Happiness. The name is used a lot in English speaking countries, but also in Spain and France.Boy
GiladGilad is a male name and means Monument, Site of Testemony. It has Hebrew, Biblical and Arabic origins.Boy
GiladiGiladi is a male name of Hebrew and Arabic origins and means Monument. In Arabic Giladi means Camel Hump.Boy
GilamGilam is a Hebrew male name and means Joy of People, Joy of Nation.Boy
GileadThe name Gilead is male Hebrew name and means Monument of Testimony.Boy
GilliGilli is a male Hebrew name. The meaning of the name is Happiness,Boy
GilonGilon is a Hebrew male name. The meaning of the name Gilon is Circle.Boy
GioThe meaning of Gio is Farmer, or The Lord is Gracious.Boy
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