48 Hebrew Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter K

KaapoEstonian form of Gabriel, meaning man of GodBoy
KailahKailah name means Who is like GodBoy
KaileaKailea name means in Hebrew Crowned with Laurel, in Celtic it means ChurchUnisex
KaineKaine means Spear, BattleBoy
KalbKalb name means Dog, BraveBoy
KalebVariation of Caleb which means devotion to GodBoy
KalibKalib name means Faitful One, Like a DogBoy
KanielKaniel means the Lord Supports meBoy
KanonKanon means Land Of ReedsBoy
KaprielKapriel name means God is my StrenghtBoy
KaylenVariation of Kaylen or Kayla which means Laurel or CrownUnisex
KayneHebrew meaning is A Spear and French meaning of the name is Battle PlanBoy
KeaKea means Cool, Cold BreezeBoy
KedemKedem means Old and AcientBoy
KedronKedron means Shady and DarkBoy
KefirKefir means Little LionBoy
KeianKeian means AcquiredBoy
KeiferGerman - Pine Tree; Barrel Maker; Hebrew - Son of Lion;Boy
KelilKelil means CrownBoy
KenanKenan means PossesionBoy
KenazKenaz means HunterBoy
KenenKenen means PossesionBoy
KerenKerem means Vineyardunisex
KeshKesean means God's GraciousBoy
KestrelKessler means CoppersmithBoy
KeyshawnThe name means God is GraciousBoy
KeziahKeziah means CassiaBoy
KezziahThe meanning of the name is from Hebrew, means Cassia, CinnamonBoy
KfirKfir means Lion CubBoy
KievKiev means Gift of GodBoy
KinnorThe name means Ancient Musical Instrument, LyreBoy
KirjathCity vocation meetingBoy
KishiKishi means Hardness, His GravityBoy
KishonHard soreBoy
KnoahThe name means Rest and ComfortBoy
KobiKobi means he who SupersidesBoy
KobyHebrew - Yahweh may protect; Holder of Heel; Supplanter; A diminutive form of name JacobBoy
KohenKohen means PriestBoy
KolariahVoice of the lord.Boy
KoppelKoppel means SuplementerBoy
KoreshKoresh means Far SightedBoy
KuperThe meaning of the name is CopperBoy
KushaiahThe name means Hardenss, GravityBoy
KyjuanThe name means Yahweh is GraciousBoy
KywanKywan name means The God is Full of MercyBoy
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