54 Hebrew Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter L

LabanLaban means WhiteBoy
LabonLabon means White, BrightBoy
LadanLadan means WitnessBoy
LadenLaden means The one who WitnessedBoy
LaelA Man who Belongs to GodBoy
LasaroThe one who recieved God's helpBoy
LasharonA traditional, ordinary and plain personBoy
LavanHebrew - White; A variant transcription of Laban; One of ObidenceBoy
LavenFragrance; Hebrew - White; A variant transcription of Laban;Boy
LaviThe king of animals, a LionBoy
LavinHebrew - White; A variant transcription of Laban;Boy
LavvieA lion or a person having fiece of lionBoy
LayleHe who came from the GodBoy
LazarGod will helpBoy
LazareFrom name Lazarus, who was restored to life by JesusBoy
LazaroItalian form of Lazarus, biblical nameBoy
LazarusBiblical name, means God's assistanceBoy
LazerGod helpsBoy
LazorGod has helpedBoy
LazzaroItalian version of the name LazarusBoy
LeaviVariation of Levi which means Joined or AttachedBoy
LebHebrew word meaning HeartBoy
LebanonBiblical name meaning incense, whiteBoy
LeetovHe who has good fortuneBoy
LeibAn animal, LionBoy
LeizerGod has aided usBoy
LemOne who has devoted his life to the GodBoy
LemmyA person who is commited to GodBoy
LemuelOne who is loyal to GodBoy
LeorI am tho one who has the lightBoy
LerinA song that belongs to me, a song that is mineBoy
LeroneMy Song in HebrewUnisex
LerynAn ownership of the song, my songBoy
LeuanThe Lord is graciousBoy
LeviPerson who is attached or pleadgedBoy
LeviathanDescribing someone who is twisted and coiled; Demonic water dragonBoy
LevinPerson with a kind heartBoy
LeviticusThird son of Jacob and Leah, Biblical nameBoy
LeviusOne who is jioned or attachedBoy
LevyOne who is joined in faithBoy
LiatYou belong to meBoy
LiavHebrew name meaning God is MineBoy
LibAn Oath, a promise made to the GodUnisex
LibetA person who made his Oath to the GodBoy
LidanHebrew name that means I have JudgeBoy
LieberA person who is deeply lovedBoy
LiorThe light of meBoy
LioriI have my lightBoy
LironSong of mine, song that brings me joyBoy
LodName describing nativity, generationBoy
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