155 Hebrew Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter M

MichaelOne of the seven archangels of the GodBoy
MaaravHebrew - West; A variant name is MaaraviBoy
MaaraviHebrew - West; A variant name is MaaravBoy
MaayanFresh as a spring of waterUnisex
MaccabeeAramic origineted, meaning hammerBoy
Maccabiused to refer to one of the MaccabeesBoy
MacchaA variant of Macha; Hebrew - One who raises (brings up); Irish - PlainBoy
MachiA smiter, poor personBoy
MaciejGod's giftBoy
MagenHebrew - Shield; Sanskrit - Engrossed; A variant spelling is MaganBoy
MahalahOne whose songing is like a harpBoy
MahalathA person whose singing is like the sound of the harpUnisex
MahazBiblical name meaning the end, endingBoy
MaherHe who is industriousBoy
MahershalalhashbazHebrew name meaning "swift are the spoils, speedy is the plunder"Boy
MahlahA weak or sickly personUnisex
MahliA frai person of ill healthBoy
MahlonA sickly, frail manBoy
MaikHebrew origin, a question "Who is like God?"Boy
MalachaiA personal messengerBoy
MalachiMy messenger of God, a personal angelBoy
MalachyMy own AngelBoy
MalakaiHebrew name for a messangerBoy
MalakiA messanger of GodBoy
MalaquiasHe who is my messangerBoy
MalkielHebrew - God is my King; My King; It is a variant form of the Hebrew MalkiBoy
MalyaOne who is like the sea of sorrowBoy
ManasesHebrew - Forgets everything; Cause for forgetfulnessBoy
ManassehCausing to forget somethingBoy
ManassenTo cause forgetfulnessBoy
ManassesHebrew - To Forget; Forgets Everything; Cause for forgetfulness; A variant of ManasesBoy
ManneyThe God is with us allBoy
ManniWebrew name meaning God is with usBoy
MannieGod is with usBoy
MannyGod is with usBoy
ManoHebrew - God is with us; a contraction of the name Manuel; Hawaiian - Shark; Passionate LoverBoy
ManoachResting placeBoy
ManoahBiblical name meaning a gift, a presentBoy
ManoelManoel is the Brazilian version of Manuel, meaning God is with us.Boy
ManuelGod is among usBoy
ManuellGod is with usBoy
MaraBitter; Variant of Maria; DestroyerBoy
MarusHebrew - Sea of bitterness; Rebellious; Wished for child; to swell; A variant of MarianBoy
MarzhinMarzhin is Bretons form of Martin and means from MarsBoy
MasadaA foundationBoy
MatGift of Yahweh; Gift of God; Gift of the Lord; A variant of MatthewBoy
MataGift of Yahweh; Gift of God; Gift of the Lord; A variant of MatthewBoy
MataiA person who is the gift of the GodBoy
MatasA person who is God's GiftBoy
MateOne who is like the gift of GodBoy
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