70 Hebrew Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter N

NoahRelaxation, restful, harmony, calm.Unisex
Naamanthe person who is being harmony with his taste or likings.Boy
NachumA person who reduces the intensity of others.Boy
NadavThe person who is not petty in character and mind.Boy
NadevShowing a tender and plentiful.Boy
NadirThe one who commits to tell the truth.Boy
NaftaliThe one who is struggling, stressed, anxious.Boy
NahumThe one who comforts others. One of the Prophets inBoy
NaiteA small gift from GodBoy
NakirThe angel of JusticeBoy
NamirA leopard or a pantherBoy
NamonThe pleasantness of a personBoy
NaphtaliGrappling or fighting or struggling.Unisex
NasiA prince or a presidentBoy
NasonThe quality that renders something desirable.Boy
NatThe deviation of Nathan. The God has given or God will giveBoy
NatanThe God has provided.Boy
NatanaelThe best gift of God.Boy
NatanelGifted by God.Boy
NatanielThe one came from the God.Boy
NatansA blessing of the gift from godBoy
NateGiven by God almighty.Boy
NathaGod gave child.Boy
NathanGod will provide or God has provided.Boy
NathanaellA talent provided by GodBoy
NathanealA precious talent from the GodBoy
NathanelThe precious gift from the heaven.Boy
NathanialThe special talent from God.Boy
NathanielGod's special award.Boy
NathaniellThe reward of God.Boy
NathannaGod's precious giftBoy
NathanyellA precious treasure from the GodBoy
NathenSomething given by the GodBoy
NatherSomething distributed or spread acrossBoy
NatheroSomething widely spreadBoy
NathinThe valuable gift from God.Boy
NazareneOne who grew up in NazarethBoy
NazarethA place where Jesus lived in his childhoodBoy
NechemiaComforted by GodBoy
NeftaliStressed, belligerent, harassed, careworn.Boy
NehemiahThe relaxation from God.Boy
NemaiahWho is comforted or protected by YahwehBoy
Nerymy lifetime or my existence.Boy
NetaPlants, flowers, scrub, floras, bushesUnisex
NetanelGift of GodBoy
NetanyahuThe talent from God or the skills from God.Boy
NethanThe special talent from God.Boy
NethanielThe special skills from the heavens.Boy
NielThe good news from God.Unisex
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