29 Hebrew Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter O

ObadiahRefers to the lover of a charming person. Also the one who loves Krishna.Boy
ObieAn attractive personBoy
OemarAn elequent speaker, fluent and persuasiveBoy
OferThe person who helps people or institutions, a person who contributes to the fulfillment of a need.Boy
OffedeGuardian of the belief, defender of the confidence.Boy
OfraLight wind moving, soft flow of air.Unisex
OgenUltimate and superlative mahamantra of jains, used in HindiBoy
OhadMeans someone who shows the way by leading or advising others.Boy
OhannesA form of John, meaning God is gracious.Boy
OmarPowerful or fluent orator.Boy
OmaranA influential speakerBoy
OmenThe one who is loyal and steadfast following.Boy
OmitMy visible illumination.Boy
OmriThe package of several things tied together.Boy
OnanThe person who is possessing strength or power superior than the average.Boy
OphirThe precious and priceless gold.Boy
OrenPine tree or dull color or fair color.Boy
OriHebrew - My Light; Ory is a varaint spellingBoy
OrleeFree from conflicting qualities.Boy
OrleyThe person who is giving pleasure and satisfaction.Boy
OrliThe person recommend for specific labor.Boy
OrloNomusa elegance and compassion, grace and empathyBoy
OrlyMy joy, my happiness, my gladness, my enjoyment.Unisex
OrranThe coniferous tree or pine tree.Boy
OrriFrom the particular position or my bright.Boy
OsheaGlowing embers, house aglow with lights.Boy
OsiasThe shine or spark or bright of the Prophet Mohammed.Boy
OzA brave and famous person who has strengthBoy
OzziA strong and well built personBoy
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