57 Hebrew Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter R

RaahilOne with high speedBoy
RaananHebrew name meaning freshBoy
RaaniHebrew name meaning a songBoy
RadhwanA delightBoy
RafaelGod has healedBoy
RafaelleVariation of Rapahel which means God has healedBoy
RafaelloItalian version of the name Rafael, means healed by GodBoy
RafalGod's healerBoy
RafayelA variant of name Rafael which means God has healedBoy
RafeShort from Rafael, means God has healedBoy
RaffaelGod has healedBoy
RaffaelloHeald by GodBoy
RaffaeloGod has healedBoy
RaffeShort for Rafael, means God has healedBoy
RaffiGod has healedBoy
RaguelOne of the seven archangelsBoy
RahmHebrew - High Lofty; Sanskrit - Exalted; Supreme; Lord Ram; A short form of the name Abraham and also a variant of RamBoy
RahnA song of joyBoy
RahsaanHe who is compassionateBoy
RamahOne who is sublimeBoy
RanenHe who is joyfulBoy
RanonHe who is full of joyBoy
RaphaelGod is a healerBoy
RavidA person who wanders, or an ornamentUnisex
RavivOne who is like the drops of the rainBoy
RayshanYahweh is gracious and mercifulBoy
RayshonHebrew - Yahweh is gracious; Yahweh is merciful; A variation of the name RayseanBoy
RazielHebrew - Secrets of God; Keeper of Secrets; Angel of MysteriesBoy
RennonA luxuriant personBoy
ReuA friend of his, or a shepardBoy
ReubanBehold the sonBoy
ReubenTo behold a male childBoy
ReubinTo see the sonBoy
ReuelThe shepard who is the God's friendBoy
ReuvenOne who sees the sonBoy
RinnahA joyful, happy songBoy
RishonHebrew - First; Primary; Primitive; OriginBoy
RivailleA variant of name Rivai which means contentment in HebrewBoy
RoeeIn hebrew means "my Sheppard"Boy
RohnA sweet song of joyBoy
RonelHebrew - Joy of the Lord; God's joyBoy
RonenA song that brings joyBoy
RoniOne who singsBoy
RonilThe Joy of the GodBoy
RonliA joy and happiness of the LordBoy
RonneyA glorious songs of joyBoy
RonyHebrew name meaning "My song is my joy"Boy
RotemName of a desert plant; To Bind; A derivative from Hebrew name RetomBoy
RouvinTo behold a sonBoy
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