124 Hebrew Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter S

SaadiaTo recieve help from GodBoy
SaadyaGod's helperBoy
SaamelGod has heardBoy
SaarOne who is like the stormBoy
SabeloItalian name meaning I vow to GodBoy
SachThe Lord remembersBoy
SadocRighteous personBoy
SadokThe sacred oneBoy
SagivSomthing great or sublimeUnisex
SamThe child of the Sun, a bright oneBoy
SammieA child as bright as a SunBoy
SammuelHebrew name meaning God has heardBoy
SammyA sun childBoy
SamoelOne who is honoredBoy
SamuelIt was told by the GodBoy
SamvelFrom Ecclesiastic Greek Shmuel; name of God, God has heard, more of religious connected to God, heard of God, asked of GodBoy
SamzunSun child or little sunBoy
SargonHe who takes away the protectionBoy
SaronOne who has a songBoy
SarupHaving form or shapeBoy
SassonHe who brings joyBoy
SchmidtOccupational name, blacksmithBoy
SchmuelGod has heard.Boy
SeaneGod is graciousBoy
SeenuHe who has been heard by GodBoy
SeirBoy with rough hairBoy
SeligmanOne who is blessedBoy
SeligmannMan blessed with happinessBoy
SemA son of NoahBoy
SemjonHe who hears GodBoy
SemuelOne who God listens toBoy
SenenGift from GodBoy
SerafimAngel of the lower orderBoy
SeraiahLord's princeBoy
SeraphOnes who burnBoy
SeraphimAn odrer of angelsBoy
SeraphinOrder of fiery angelsBoy
SeuarSour or an embittered personUnisex
ShaadUnder the command of the mood god akuBoy
ShabtaiShabtai is a derivative of "Shabbat"Boy
ShachnaClose to GodBoy
ShaddUnder the command of the mood god akuBoy
ShaeAn admirable man, from the fairy fortressUnisex
ShaferA handsome god BoyBoy
ShaiTo be a giftBoy
ShakedAn Almond plantUnisex
ShalevA person who is quiet and peaceful with a calm personalityBoy
ShalimoonAssyrian form of Solomon, meaning peace.Boy
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