68 Hebrew Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter T

TaavetEstonian form of David. It means beloved.Boy
TaavettiFrom the hebrew david means beloved, second israelite kingBoy
TaaviDerivative of david, dearly lovedBoy
TabFrom tabor, in biblical Mt. Tabor is a landmark mountain near NazarethBoy
TaborMt. Tabor a mountain in NazarethBoy
TabrettDerived from pre-medieval word tabour which mean tambourineBoy
TaelDelicate leafBoy
TaffyDerived from the element dod which means favoriteUnisex
TahanBeseeching; Another descendant of Ephraim either a son or a brother of telahBoy
TalmaiThis name is born by a giant and father of king david's wife maacah in the old testamentBoy
TalmonSubject to harsh or authoritative treatmentBoy
TalmunOne who is oppressedBoy
TaloreOne who is like a light dewUnisex
TamahA smiting oneBoy
TamerHe is a palm treeBoy
TaneliHe who is judged by GodBoy
TarahOne who is banishedBoy
TarsusBoy who has wingsBoy
TashaunGod is mercifulBoy
TavasA peacockBoy
TavorianMisfortunate oneBoy
TayshaunGod's gift of hopeBoy
TeiveYahweh is good.Boy
TekoaA trumpetBoy
TelA ford by the cliffBoy
TemanThe right handBoy
TeomA twinBoy
TerahTo breathe in a scentBoy
TesherA present, a giftBoy
TevelOne who is dearly lovedBoy
ThamarA palm treeBoy
ThanielGift of GodBoy
TibonLover of nature.Boy
TikvahA gathering of faithful people, hopeBoy
TimnaTo restrain or to holdUnisex
TimnahTo held from, forbidden, restrainedUnisex
TivonOne who loves the natureBoy
TobaOne who is of good, goodly personBoy
TobeYahweh is GoodBoy
TobeeThe God is always goodBoy
TobeyGood is YahwehBoy
TobiGod is right ad goodBoy
TobiaThe goodness of GodBoy
TobiahThe Goodly nature of godBoy
TobiasGod is goodBoy
Tobiaszthe God who is GoodBoy
TobieThe right and good GodBoy
TobijahThe Goodness of YahwehBoy
TobyYahweh is goodBoy
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