47 Hebrew Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter B

BaaraA Flame; Purging;Girl
BahtThe daughter of GodGirl
BaileOne who is troubled.Girl
BalahHebrew - Timid; Bashful; A variant of name BilhahGirl
BashiaVariant of Basia meaning "God's daughter"Girl
Bat-TseeyonDaughter of ZionGirl
Bat-TzionDaughter of Zion, or daughter of excellenceGirl
BathshebaSeventh Daughter; Daughter of satiety; Daughter of the oath; VoluptuousGirl
Bathsuadaughter of prosperityGirl
BatshevaOriginal Hebrew form of BathshebGirl
BattyGod is my oathGirl
BatyaDaughter of God; Daughter of Yahweh; Latin - Foreign WomanGirl
BeaulahShe who is marriedGirl
BekkiA snareGirl
BekkieShe is the God's servantGirl
BelemHouse of bread; one who is sentimentalGirl
Belia"God's promise" a variant of Isabel (Hebrew) -form of Belle -Belia is unusual as a baby Female name. Its usage peaked modestly in 1931 with .5% of baby Females being named Belia. It was #962 in rank theGirl
BerachaHebrew name meaning "blessing"Girl
BersabaCornish medieval form of Bathsheba meaning oath, or voluptuous.Girl
BeruraShe who is pure.Girl
BessDerived From ElizabethGirl
BessieConsecrated To GodGirl
BetHouse; God's Promise; God is My Oath; Short Form of ElizabethGirl
BeteThe perfection of LordGirl
BethDerived From ElizabethGirl
BethaHebrew - God is perfection; God is my Oath; House of figs; LifeGirl
BethaneeVariant of Bethany - a vi ...Girl
BethanieVariant of Bethany - a vi ...Girl
BethanniOne who lives in the house of lightGirl
BethanyLife-Town Near JerusalemGirl
BethelGod's homeGirl
BethenaOne who lives in the house of figsGirl
BethesdaHouse Of MercyGirl
BethlehemBethlehem is the city where Jesus was born Its literal meaning is "house of bread" in ancient HebrewGirl
BetsyConsecrated To GodGirl
BettinaConsecrated To GodGirl
BettyOath of GodGirl
BezawitHebrew - God is perfection; God is my Oath; House of figs; Life; Foundation; Pillar; Short form of ElizabethGirl
BiniyamAmharic (Ethiopian) form of BenjaminGirl
BlithA carefree, happy and joyous individualGirl
BricheveTo recieve a blessingUnisex
BrichheveTo be blessedGirl
BruriahClarity of GodGirl
BulaA married womanGirl
BulahShe who is a brideGirl
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