131 Hebrew Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter E

ElizabethOne who provides satisfaction and fullnessGirl
Evalife or living one.Girl
EabbeIts derived from the hebrew word abbe which means "Father of extreme happiness"Unisex
EafaThe meaning of eefa in Welsh means' Life'Girl
EawaIt means 'Life' in HebrewGirl
EbbieIt means father or light.Girl
EbetaIt means Oath of God.Girl
EddiOne who always provides pleasureGirl
EddizOne who brings joy one who is rich and happyGirl
EdekinOne who is good natured and friendlyGirl
EdenA place of delight; joyous and happy placeGirl
EdenaA delightful person; core; centreGirl
EdeniaA secure place in paradiseGirl
EdnaRejuvenation; one who needs relaxationGirl
EdraPowerful and happy oneGirl
EdreaOne who is rich and powerful; of high authorityGirl
EdriaPossesive of great power and strength;MightyGirl
EedenOne who can provide pleasureGirl
EeliTo ascend; uplifted soul and spiritUnisex
EevaA life giving personGirl
EfrosiniA fawn; bird like creatureGirl
EikOne who gives laughter; strong as a Oak treeGirl
EilaThe daughter of manu who is like the EarthGirl
EilahJuniper tree; oak; one who lives foreverGirl
EilatA grove of tall trees; Pistacia treeGirl
EilianaA Hebrew saying means My God has answeredGirl
EisaYahweh is my salvation; Name of a ProphetGirl
ElaThey are the representative of mother EarthGirl
ElandraHome by the Sea; God is my Oath; God is perfectionGirl
El�aJehovah is the LordGirl
EleasaA fantastic and humble beingsUnisex
EleashaOne who is born to provide salvationGirl
ElefteriaHonorable; one who provides salvationGirl
EleishaGod who provides salvationUnisex
EleoraIdealistic; God is the ultimate lightGirl
EliaThey have a feeling good feeling about the lordGirl
ElianaGod has given the answerGirl
ElianeJehovah is the ultimate GodGirl
EliavaOne who takes his father as GodGirl
EliceOne who is very close to the LordUnisex
EliisaVow is a God; merciful and graciousGirl
ElioraThey are the guiding lightGirl
ElisOne who loves the company of the LordGirl
ElisabethGod providing satisfaction and supportGirl
ElisabetteThey take God as their oath; loving personGirl
ElisangelaOne who takes God as an Oath; a friendGirl
ElisavetA devoted individual; loves humanityGirl
ElisavetaOne who is fully devoted to GodGirl
ElisedOne who is very close to GodGirl
EliseddOne who is the provider of satisfaction; an oathGirl
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