50 Hebrew Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter G

GabrielGod is my strengthUnisex
GabriellaGod is my strengthUnisex
GabbiThe God is my power.Girl
GabbyFrom the name gabrielleGirl
GaboureyThe power from the godGirl
GabrieThe power given by GodGirl
GabrielaGod is my strengthUnisex
GabryelleThe woman who works on behalf of God.Girl
GafnaRefers to creeper or plant or climber.Girl
GailMerry, livelyGirl
GaileMy father is happy and delighted.Girl
GailleThe girl who is joy and cheer.Girl
GalMeaning wave; creative and practicalUnisex
GalaThe person who is brave, happy and peaceful.Girl
GaliSpring, fountainGirl
GaliaRefers to trend surge.Girl
GaliahRefers to cascade or source.Girl
GalilaGod will be delivered.Girl
GalilahReferring to special or significant.Girl
GalileaSloping hillsGirl
GalileeRebellion or uprising.Unisex
GalitRefers to a mountain or peak.Girl
GalittAn intelligent and interesting personGirl
GalyaGod is redeemed gana-gardenGirl
GanaCrowd or multitude.Unisex
GaphnaReferring to a climbing plant.Girl
GavrielaLady of God, God's female child, damsel of the most high God.Girl
GavriellaGod is my supernatural power.Girl
GavrillaRefers to good quality and condition.Girl
GayleneFather who is worthy to be praised.Girl
GeddiOne who is beloved of GodGirl
GeelaEcstasy, bliss or elation.Girl
GelaThe person who is enchanted and charmed.Girl
GellaOne with golden hair, genesis originGirl
GemmariahA precious gem of a girl, virginGirl
GhilaJoy and happinessGirl
GilaGila is a female name of Hebrew origin. The meaning of Gila is Eternal Joy.Girl
GilahGilah is a Hebrew female name. The meaning of the name Gilah is Eternal You or Eternal Joy and is a variation of the name Gila.Girl
GilanaMy joy is eternalGirl
GiliaGilia is a female Hebrew name with the meaning Joy of the Lord.Girl
GiovanaThe meaning of Giovana is a Gracious Gift of God, mostly used in Italy.Girl
GisaThe name Gisa means Cut StoneGirl
GitelGitel is of Hebrew origins and means GoodGirl
GittelThe name Gittel is of Hebrew origins and means GodGirl
GizaHewn Stone; Cut StoneGirl
Graynagrayna is used as a surname. It means beautiful. Or beauty with intelligence.Unisex
GuiseppinaIn Hebrew the significance of the name Guiseppina is: He might include.Girl
GuritGurit means innocent child. A person who have childlike innocence on his face.Girl
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