263 Hebrew Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter J

JanielAmerican name meaning God is amiableGirl
JanielleA form of Jane, means God is graciousGirl
JanikinGod is lovingGirl
JanikkaGod loves youGirl
JaninaOne who is loved by GodGirl
JanineOne who is a gift from GodGirl
JaniquaFrench name meaning God is graciousGirl
JaniqueGod loves usGirl
JanisaForm of Joana meaning graceGirl
JaniseGod is mercifulGirl
JanitaHebrew name meaning God's giftGirl
JaniyaGod's graceGirl
JankaGod's gracious giftGirl
JannelGod is amiableGirl
JannellThe lord is mercifulGirl
JannelleVariant of Jane, means God is goodGirl
JanneyGod is generousGirl
JannickeGracious GodGirl
JannieGod is graciousGirl
JannyVariant of Jane, means God is goodGirl
JansjePresent from GodGirl
JanyGod remitsGirl
JanyceModern name, form of Jane, God is graciousGirl
JaqlynShort from Jacqueline, means a replacementGirl
JaquelinShe who grasps the heelGirl
JaquelineA supplanterGirl
JaquenettaLittle Jacques; Hebrew - Supplanter; May god Protect; A variant of Jacqueline; Feminine form of JamesGirl
JaquettaA replacementGirl
JardenaFeminine of Jordan, means to descentGirl
JariettaA sea of bitternesGirl
JaunitaA gift from GodGirl
JaydenVariation of Jaden which means God has heardUnisex
JayelleThe type of goat lives in the hillside.Girl
JaymieA form of JamiGirl
J�naFemale name, means God is gracious. Has many variations in different cultures, but originates from the Hebrew name Yochanan.Girl
JeanGod is gracious, in the bible one of the apostlesUnisex
JeaneGod is full of grace and kind.Girl
JeaneeGod is kind and care.Girl
JeaneneMerciful God is the most high God.Girl
JeanetteGod is graciousUnisex
JeaniceYahweh is full of mercy.Girl
JeanieYahweh is full of tender care.Girl
JeaninaMerciful God is with us.Girl
JeanineGod is graciousUnisex
JeannaGod is graciousGirl
JeannetteGod is graciousUnisex
JeannieGod is graciousUnisex
JeannineGod is graciousUnisex
JeanniqueGod has granted his mercy towards us.Girl
JeanusMy God is full of mercyGirl
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