97 Hebrew Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter L

LeahWeary, tired personGirl
LabronnaLabronna means The One with Brown HairGirl
LailiLaili means NightfallGirl
LailieThe name means in the NightfallGirl
LanitaName meaning God has shown favorGirl
LashaeA Gracious and Merciful GodGirl
LashandaThe Graciousness and Mecifulness of GodGirl
LaurelBiblical name meaning laurel or bay treeGirl
LaurielLaurel of bay treeGirl
LeahannaBiblical name,Jacob's first wifeGirl
LeahlaA mistress or a ruler of an empireGirl
LeathaGazelle, anthelopeGirl
LeaxaAn oath of God or the God is my satisfactionGirl
LebaBeloved womanGirl
LeebaBeloved oneGirl
LeehiShe who is mineGirl
LeezaVariation of Lisa, means God is my oathGirl
LeiaHeavanly childGirl
LeighaWeary and a tiresomeGirl
LeislA person who made an Oath to the GodGirl
LendcaA noble person, an aristrocratGirl
LeoraThe light belongs to meGirl
LerinaA song that I love, that is close to my heart, my songGirl
LeroneMy Song in HebrewUnisex
LeshahA precious and kind personGirl
LesyaDefender, helper, liberator of menGirl
LeviaName meainig to joinGirl
LevinaWoman who is a dear friendGirl
LewanaThe one shinig white like the moonGirl
LewannaBrighly shinig white lightGirl
LezaThe noble ornamentGirl
LiannaA God's anwer to the prayers, to see GodGirl
LiathA hebrew name meaning "You are mine"Girl
LibAn Oath, a promise made to the GodUnisex
LibbaA pledge made to the Heavenly FatherGirl
LibbeFrom Hebrew elisheba, meaning God is my OathGirl
LibbeeAn Oath that is made to the GodGirl
LibbiA Vow that is made to the GodGirl
LibbieI pledge my life to the LordGirl
LibbyA person who made an Oath to the GodGirl
LibiyaA person whose heart belongs to GodGirl
LiddieGod is my pomiseGirl
LieschenThe perfection can be found only in GodGirl
LihShe is mine in HebrewGirl
LihiThis woman belongs to meGirl
LilahNight beauty, seductive oneGirl
LilieLily flower, symbo of purityGirl
LillahVariation of name Bethia, meaning daughter or worshipper of GodGirl
LillithShe who belongs to the nightGirl
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