97 Hebrew Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter L

Limorto exchange, to tradeGirl
LinitTo rest and be calmGirl
LionesA Lioness of God; powerfulGirl
LioraName means God's gift of light to meGirl
LioritVariation of the name Lior, meaning my light, I shineGirl
LiraelName mentioned in the old testamentGirl
LiranMy joy, my songGirl
LiritPoetic, one who appritiates poetryGirl
LisaOne who is devoted to GodGirl
LisabetVariation of Elizabeth, one pedged to GodGirl
LisabetteShe who is devoted to GodGirl
LisbeteGod is perfectionGirl
LisbethDiminutive of Bethia, a New Testament village near JerusalemGirl
LiselGod is my oathGirl
LislGod is my oathGirl
LivanaThe colour White, WhitenessGirl
LiviyaA woman who is considered a Lioness of the LordGirl
LiyaShe is one with the GodGirl
LiyahA person who is often tired and wearyGirl
LizAn Oath of GodGirl
LizaA woman whose life is dedicated to God's worshipGirl
LizabetaA woaman who is consecrated to GodGirl
LizabethShe who worships GodGirl
LizannAn ornament that shines brightGirl
LizanneA bright glowing ornamentGirl
LizbetA woman who devoted herself to GodGirl
LizbethShe devoted her life to the LordGirl
LizeLives her life by the Oath made to GodGirl
LizethShe is devoted to honor an Oath made to the GodGirl
LizetteHer life is her Oath to GodGirl
LizinaShe is blessed to serve the GodGirl
LizzA woman hallowed by the Oath made to GodGirl
LizzaA brightly shinning decoration, ornamentGirl
LizzetMy God is a VowGirl
LizzetteMy God is in my VowGirl
LizziDevoted to the Vow made to the GodGirl
LizzieHonoring her Oath to the GodGirl
LizzyWoman who Pledged to the GodGirl
LoveieA lovely and happy soft hearted individualGirl
LyliannA flower symbolising purity and resurrectionGirl
LyndenBiblical name, a teil treeUnisex
LysaThe God is my PromiseGirl
LysbethA woman whose god is in the oathGirl
LyskaGod is my perfectionGirl
LyzaHer life is dedicated to GodGirl
LyzbethSatisfaction found in the worship of GodGirl
LyzetteShe worships the GodGirl
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