70 Hebrew Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter T

TadejaGift from GodGirl
TaffyDerived from the element dod which means favoriteUnisex
TahliaLamb or lambkinGirl
TahliahMorning dewGirl
TalDew from godGirl
TaleahOne who resembles the morning dew from heavenGirl
TaliaDew from heavenGirl
TaliahAbbreviation of natalia also means lamb from heaven or a lambkinGirl
TalidaDiminutive of adelheid which means kind of nobleGirl
TalieFrom the latin natalia, which was originally given to those children who are born on christmas dayGirl
TaliyahDew of God; A lamb that is female in genderGirl
TalliChoctaw name meaning jumping waterGirl
TalmaA hillock or a moundGirl
TaloraDew of the morningGirl
TaloreOne who is like a light dewUnisex
TalyaDew from godGirl
TalyiaShe who is the dew of the heavenGirl
TamairaShe who is like a plam treeGirl
TamarA name that means date palm treeGirl
TamaraA name that means date palm treeGirl
TamarahA woman who is like a palm treeGirl
TamarrHebrew for palm treeGirl
TameraPalm treeGirl
TammaPerfect tammy, perfect oneGirl
TammiA form of tammyGirl
TammieA form of tammyGirl
TamyaA date palmGirl
TamyraVariation of the name Tamara, meaning palm treeGirl
TavoraA fractureGirl
TehilaSong of praiseGirl
TehillaSongs of God's gloryGirl
TehillahA praise songGirl
TemimaShe who is flawlessGirl
TemiraA tall girlGirl
TessicaShe who sees everytingGirl
ThadineThe praised theresaGirl
ThamaraA date plam, a palm treeGirl
ThersaA cypress treeGirl
TiersaPleasantness, or delight, also a cypress treeGirl
TierzaPleasantness of a Cypress treeGirl
TiliaThe tiel trees or lime treesGirl
TillesOne who is fortunate, splendourGirl
TimaraA date palm or the palm treeGirl
TimariaOne who belongs to the land of palm treeGirl
TimnaTo restrain or to holdUnisex
TimnahTo held from, forbidden, restrainedUnisex
TiraIn Hebrew it means encampment. In Hindi it means an arrowGirl
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