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Origin, Meaning, And History of Heidi

Heidi is a feminine name of German origin. It is a diminutive of the name Adelheid, which is the German and Dutch form of the German name Adalheidis, meaning ‘noble birth’ or ‘nobility.’ It is also linked with other German names such as Heidemarie, Heidelinde, and Heidrun.

According to legend, the Swiss people developed a liking for the name when Johanna Spyri, an author, released her novel “Heidi” between 1880 and 1881. The story features Heidi, an orphan who lives with her grandfather and enjoys various adventures in the Swiss Alps. She marvels at the vastness of the mountains and celebrates their serenity. Her actual name is Adelheid, but her aunt fondly calls her Heidi, which increases the name’s popularity.

Since the name is associated with nobility, it can also be referred to as a virtue name, like Hope, Patience, Honor, and Grace. If you prefer a nickname for your little girl, refreshing versions of the name include Heid, Heidi-ho, Di, or Di di, and Dee. These names also embody the essence of Heidi and can instill a sense of nobility in your child’s character.

Interestingly, Heide (a variant of the name used in Germany) is also the name of a town in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Additionally, a theme park in Lower Saxony, Germany, is named Heidi. Germans love to honor the name by keeping it alive in their naming traditions.

Johanna Spyri’s novel sparked an interest in this unique name, and many writers have since taken a liking to it. In the popular teen book series by Stephenie Myers, Twilight, the Volturi have a vampire guard named Heidi, who is known for her ethereal beauty. Moreover, the main character in the 1980 film “The Competition,” played by award-winning American actress Amy Irving, is named Heidi Joan Schoonover.

Given Heidi’s popularity, it may be one of the best names for your baby in modern times, connecting her with traditional roots.


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How To Pronounce Heidi?


Famous People With The Name Heidi

  • Heidi Gayle BakerAmerican missionary who is the CEO of Iris Global, a Christian humanitarian organization
  • Heidi BerryAmerican musician recorded and released four critically acclaimed solo albums
  • Heidi Ann HortonFormer American basketball player who won a gold medal at the 1990 US Olympic Festiva
  • Heidi Suzanne JulavitsAmerican author who was the founding editor of The Believer magazine
  • Heidi Lee MorganAmerican wrestler who won VWA Women’s Championship twice
  • Heidi RoizenAmerican entrepreneur who was awarded 2018 Financial Woman of the Year by Financial Women of San Francisco
  • Heidi KlumGerman-American fashion model who was second on Forbes’ list of the “World’s Top-Earning Models”

Heidi On The Popularity Chart

Over the years, Heidi as a baby name has been quite popular. Let’s check the graph by the Social Security Administration for more details.

Popularity Over Time

From the 1980s through the 2000s, the popularity of Heidi had primarily reduced. However, a slight increase was seen in 2008, where 1167 babies per million were named Heidi.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

In 1980, Heidi featured under the Top 80 names for babies. Later, in the 2010s, the ranking decreased, but it was still positioned at 343 in 2015.

Source: Social Security Administration

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