1222 Hindi (हिन्दी) Baby Names With Meanings

Parents have different approaches when it comes to baby names. Some like to name their children after their favorite pop culture icons or historical and fictional characters. Others look back to their ancestors for baby name inspiration. But Indians, especially Hindus, prefer Hindi when it comes to naming their children.

Hindi, the official language of India, has a huge vocabulary, with an immense power of expression. Since the vocabulary is derived from four major languages – Sanskrit, Arabic, English, and Persian, we get a wide range of inspiration for baby names as well. The baby names derived from the Hindi language are classic, traditional, and fuse the cultural wealth of India with the linguistic ancestry.

Below is MomJunction's extensive collection of Hindi baby names with meanings, sorted alphabetically. You can use the gender filter to narrow down the results.

PoduriA male name of Hindi originBoy
PoduryA Hindi male nameBoy
PolamA Boy gentle as the flowerBoy
PonnaiyahA baby Boy name with Hindi originsBoy
PonnayiramA very rare Hindi baby Boy nameBoy
PoojyaTo pray to someone, to worshipGirl
PoorveshHe who is like the EarthBoy
PorkaelHindu name meaning ZuluBoy
PorunanA male name of Hindi originBoy
PourabHindi name meaning EastBoy
PrabhalA strong, dominant, impressive personBoy
PrabhanOne who gives light, splendor and radianceBoy
PrabhankTo find glory in lifeBoy
PrabhashOne who is like the SunBoy
PrabhathHe is like the morning light, like a dawnBoy
PrabindhHindi name meaning the whole worldBoy
PrabuOne who is like a GodBoy
PrabuddaA person who is enlightenedBoy
PrachalOne who is peacock-likeBoy
PrachirnA Hindu Boy nameBoy
PrachuraTo have a lot, manyBoy
PradhumnaA very Mighty individualBoy
PradumalOne who is the LordBoy
PradyneshThe name of Lord GaneshBoy
PragdeeshA person who will progres and advance in lifeBoy
PragnanA brainy, very smart personBoy
PragyanOne who posesses the greater knowledgeBoy
PrahalladaThe feeling of happiness and blissBoy
PraharAn attack, agression, chargeBoy
PrajaiOne who is a citizen, a civilianBoy
PrajaktThe God of all the creationBoy
PrajavOne who moves quicklyBoy
PrajayA person who is a civilian or a citizenBoy
PrajithOne who is kind, generous and goodBoy
PrajnayA baby Boy name of Hindi originsBoy
PrajulA Hindi baby Boy nameBoy
PrajwatThe first ray of sunlight in the dawnBoy
PrajyanaA Hindi unisex name, given to both Boys and girlsUnisex
PrajyotOne who is lightened, illuminatedBoy
PrakamOne who is joyful and has many desiresBoy
PrakarA respected person who always does wellBoy
PrakashikA person who enlightens othersBoy
PrakherAn intelligent and brainy personBoy
PrakhilA Hindi name given to BoysBoy
PrakruthiA name meaning weather and natureGirl
PrakunjA masculine name of Hindi originBoy
PramathaOne who is a dancer of heaven, also Lord Shiva's faithful companionUnisex
PramodaA name of God Skanda. Also means joy in SanskritBoy
PramodanaA joyful and delightful personBoy
PramudA feeling of extasyGirl
PranabThe Om Sound. Can also mean the feeling of LoveBoy
PranakA person who lives and gives lifeBoy
PraneethaAn action of ouring water into somethingGirl
PranetraOne who is a guide, creator of things and a leader of the menGirl
PrangaA Hindi name given to both Boys and girlsUnisex
PrangelOne who knows many languagesBoy
PranhitaThe name of the RiverUnisex
PranjulA person who is truthful and dignifiedUnisex
PranodA person who drives, directs and leads othersBoy
PrantikThe end, the last limit of the thingsBoy
PrapanchOne who is like the earth, who loves earthBoy
PrapullaOne whose pleasant and happy smile is shiningUnisex
PraramOne who is very pleasingBoy
PrarambhOne who starts thingsBoy
PraroopTo duplicate or replicate somthingBoy
PrasaiAn appearance, a castBoy
PrashansaA praised, acclaimed and adored personGirl
PrasharanbirOne who isbrave and sheltered by the lordBoy
PrashastThe wise man who leads and shows the wayBoy
PrashasthA compatible, congenial personBoy
PrasitOne who is like the first ray of the winter SunBoy
PrassanaAn individual who is alwas cheerfulUnisex
PratameshHe who is the Lord of the bestBoy
PratarOne who is shinging like the dawnBoy
PrateerA male name of Hindi originBoy
PratheepOne who is like a lightningBoy
PrathipalA guardian of the EarthBoy
PrathithA person who radiates confidenceBoy
PratirupHe who is just like an imageBoy
PrativahOne who has a leading personalityBoy
PratyusThe time of the day that is just before the morningBoy
PravaraAn outstanding, important personGirl
PravargLord Vinshu's epithetBoy
PraveeraOne who is the hero of heroes, the best and the bravest oneBoy
PravilA Hindi Boy nameBoy
PrayagaMasculine Hindi nameBoy
PreethiWoman who brings love and satisfactionGirl
PremjitThe Love's VictoryBoy
PremnathOne who is a sweetheartBoy
PrinakaA woman who will bring heaven to the earthGirl
PritA feeling of loveBoy
PrithuSomething broad and spaciousBoy
PritwishThe best and the greatest love of allBoy
PrityA beautiful, lovable and affectionate BoyBoy
PriyanjanA near and dear, loved oneBoy
PriyanshOne who is the lovable part of everythingBoy
PriyanshiOne who is dearGirl
PrunalA masculine, baby Boy name of Hindi originBoy
PujithaA worshippers's prayerGirl
PukrajOne who is like a jewelBoy
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