448 Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter S

SaadarRespectful, respectedBoy
SaadhinWork or achievementBoy
SaagarikBelonging to the ocean.Boy
SahanTo forgiveBoy
SajitVictorious superior, Lord GaneshBoy
SamangLucky or fortunateBoy
SambathGreat wealth or fortuneBoy
SamlainCambodian word for friend.Boy
SamnangGood fortuneBoy
SamphyHardworking or busyUnisex
SananiA creative man.Boy
SanhithaHe who is good hearted.Boy
SanjeevaA form of Sanjeev. It means living or revivingBoy
SanjibA variant of Sanjeev, meaning alive or long live.Boy
SannQuiet and comfortableBoy
SansukaGood comfortBoy
SarbanandaExtreme joyBoy
SasruthaPersonification of truthBoy
SattvikOne who is polite, honest and virtuous.Boy
SaudisKing of the solar system.Boy
SejunA charming man.Boy
ShalinkaHe who is modestBoy
ShalvaAn honest and peaceful man.Boy
ShanilkaOne who is determined, a confident manBoy
ShardoolA man brave as a lion, lionBoy
ShieshaKing of serpentsBoy
ShomnathAssamese variation of Somnath, meaning Lord Shiva.Boy
ShwarA musical tone, musical notes, tune, a sweet voiceBoy
SimarGod's Favorite; One who is filled with God's Spirit; One who is absorbed in GodBoy
SimranOne who meditatesUnisex
SindhuLord vishnuBoy
SindhunathLord of the oceanBoy
SinhagLord shivaBoy
SinhikhaThe grim who rose from the seaBoy
SinhvahanLord shivaBoy
SirakOne who has a great intelectBoy
SirishOne whose soul is within his bodyBoy
SishirankaA dewpoint; an easy going, happy and affectionate beingBoy
SisiraHe who is independentBoy
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