334 Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter B

BarunLord of the seaBoy
BallabhA variant of Vallabh, meaning beloved.Boy
BamadhajAn efficient, honest and creative personBoy
BanafulWild flowerBoy
BandukaHe who is outstandingBoy
BanikantOne who controles destinyBoy
BanisterRoot from the French word bath meaning keeper of the bath. Also (probably most often) a variant of Bannister, an English occupational surname meaning "basket weaver."Boy
BankeLord KrishnaBoy
Banke BihariKrishnaBoy
BankebihariHindu Lord KrishnaBoy
Bankimnot straightBoy
Bankimchandracrescent moonBoy
BanshiInstrument played by lord KrishnaBoy
BansiBansi is FluteBoy
BansilalLord KrishnaBoy
BansuriFlute; Lord Krishna; Flash of LightningBoy
BanwariLord KrishnaBoy
BarindraOcean, seaBoy
BarketramHindu name for BoysBoy
BasakGarland of FlowersBoy
Basantseason of springBoy
BasavLord Of BullsBoy
BashvithA FlowerBoy
BasuName of Lord Surya, WealthyBoy
BasudebFather of KrishnaBoy
BasudevFire, flames, blazeBoy
BaswanthIndian name for BoysBoy
BatsaBatsa is the Nepali variant of Vatsa and means son.Boy
BatsalA variant of Vatsal, meaning love or affection.Boy
BatukBoy, young man, youngsterBoy
B�ladistinguished'; or a diminutive of a Slavic name. It was name of many Hungarian Kings.Boy
BeddhuA birthBoy
BeerudIndian name for BoysBoy
BenakaName of Lord GaneshBoy
BhadantaTerm of Respect Applied to a Buddhist MendicantBoy
BhadraAuspicious, promisingBoy
BhadrakHandsome, attractiveBoy
BhadrakapilHindu Lord ShivaBoy
Bhadrakshone with beautiful eyesBoy
BhadrashreeSandalwood TreeBoy
BhadreshLord ShivaBoy
BhadrikNobel, ShankarBoy
BhadveerOne who is stronger than othersBoy
BhagadattaKing of Pragjyotisha, a Kaurava ally.Boy
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