447 Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter C

CadrasvaA Hindi name for BoysBoy
CahaOne with charms, a desired manBoy
CaidyaAn intelligent administratorBoy
CaitanyaTo have a divine radianceUnisex
CakaA person who shines with contentBoy
CakarakaA content BoyBoy
CakarpalaHe is contentBoy
CakoraA shinning and content oneBoy
CakraA wheel or a circle. Also means SunBoy
CakrabhrtAnother name for Lord VishnuBoy
CakrabhujA disc holderBoy
CakradevaA Discus's KingBoy
CakradharaA name of Lord VishnuBoy
CakradrsaA Boy with round eyesBoy
CakrakiOne who has the DiscusBoy
CakrasenaA leader of the armyBoy
CakravakaA round mouthed BoyBoy
CakravalaA circle of leadersBoy
CakravanaOne who has the Cakra, also he who worshipps VishnuBoy
CakravatAn Emperor of the DiscusBoy
CakravataA forceful manBoy
CakresaHe is the Lord of the DiscusBoy
CakrikaHe who bears the DiscusBoy
CakrinA man with a DiscusBoy
CaksanaOne who has soothing eyesBoy
CaksasOne with a radiating lookBoy
CaksuOne with beautiful eyesBoy
CaksusHe has the eyes of the SunBoy
CaksusaOne who is clairvoyantBoy
CaksusyaOne who is very pleasing to look atBoy
CalapatiOne who is the Lord of movingBoy
CamarajaHe leads the armyBoy
CamarvalaOne with fine hairBoy
CamasTo go in circleBoy
CamasaSomething circularBoy
CamikaraA golden BoyBoy
CampaHe is a soothing manBoy
CampakaA champaka treeBoy
CampatOne who fell from gloryBoy
CampeyaA Kovidare tree's fruitBoy
CanakaA bean sort, ChickpeaBoy
CanakyaOne who is a great scholarBoy
CandakaBudha's charioteerBoy
CandansuAnother name for the SunBoy
CandavegaOne who moves with the speed of a fireBoy
CandidasaA fierce and devoted manBoy
CandipatiA name of Lord ShivaBoy
CandrabhanaHe who is lustruous like the MoonBoy
CandrajaHe who was born of the MoonBoy
CandrakaOne with a red mark on the forheadBoy
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