447 Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter C

CandrakinHe who wears the moon in his eyesBoy
CandramohanTo be like the moonUnisex
CandranathaHe who is a Moon KingBoy
CandransuHe is like the beam of the moonlightBoy
CandrataSweet like the Moon's nectarBoy
CandresaHe is the Lord of the MoonBoy
CandrestaA Moon's beloved oneBoy
CandrinA Boy of goldBoy
CanduriA Boy who is like the MoonBoy
CangaA wise person who understands thingsBoy
CangadasaA wise and devoted manBoy
CanuraA man of thin thighsBoy
CapalaOne who is swift as a lightningBoy
CarakaA wanderer and a religious personBoy
CarimanA beauty in the movingBoy
CaritraThe charachter of a personBoy
CarubahuA Boy with beautiful armsBoy
CarucitraHe is like a beautiful pictureBoy
CarudattaHe who is born of beautyBoy
CarudehaA man of beautiful formBoy
CarudesnaHe was a beautiful gift to worldBoy
CaruguptaHe is protected by beautyBoy
CaruhasanA Boy with a beautiful smileBoy
CarumodaHe brings a pleasing joy to peopleBoy
CarupadaHe is a man with a beautiful fleetBoy
CarusaraA man who is the essence of everything lovelyBoy
CarusirsaHis head is beautifulBoy
CaruvesaA man with a beautiful attire, well-dressedBoy
CaruvindaA man who strives for beautyBoy
CaruyasasA man who is famous for his charmBoy
CatakaHe who is a poetBoy
CaturaA skillful, clever and charming BoyBoy
CaturangaA beautiful horseBoy
CaturasvaA horse ownerBoy
CaturasyaOne who lives in a building of four anglesBoy
CaturbahuA four armed GodBoy
CaturgatiA four legged one, also a tortoiseBoy
CaturnanaA Hindi Boy nameBoy
CatuspaniA name for Lord VishnuBoy
CaudraynaAN inspiring princeBoy
CaunteyaHinidi Boy nameBoy
CedijaOne who is a saon of CediBoy
CekitanaAnother name of Lord Shiva who is intelligent and majesticBoy
CencannaAn attractive and lively manBoy
CetakaThey are thoughtful, creative and easy goingBoy
CetarkaA divine saintBoy
CetasThe one who has a soul, heart and mindBoy
CetramaState of awarenessBoy
ChaanakyaA bright and respected scholarBoy
ChaaruchandraSon of Lord Krishna which is a beautiful moonBoy
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