71 Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter E

EdhasHappiness; Delighted; Joyful; Glad; RejoicedBoy
EegaiarasanKing of charityBoy
EegaichelvanA charitable person;the person who always donatesBoy
EehithA rich, powerful and compassionate personBoy
EelamaniA gem of eelamBoy
EelamynthanSon of eelamBoy
EelavarasanKing of EelamBoy
EemaanGod is with usBoy
EerenLovable and caring personBoy
EeshwakOne who is like a precious gemBoy
EesvaraavuThey are the one who are very strongBoy
EhtaOne who is highly praisedBoy
EkaakshuOne who is very intellectual and cleverBoy
EkabhaktaOne who worships a single deityBoy
EkacakraThe brilliant son of KashyapaBoy
EkachitOne who is with the mindBoy
EkacudaA single crested beingBoy
EkadaThey are first one; the chossen oneBoy
EkadanthaLord Ganesha; one with a single toothBoy
EkadehaOne who is with a bodyBoy
EkadevaThe one who is the supreme GodBoy
EkadrinaName of Lord ShivaBoy
EkajataOne who has a single twisted lock of hairBoy
EkajyotisThe one and only nightBoy
EkakThe single one and only one timeBoy
EkalaOne who is solitary and singleBoy
EkamaOne who is unique and peerlessBoy
EkamukhaOne who has a single faceBoy
EkanaiThe one and only leaderBoy
EkanathaA very famous poetBoy
EkanayakaName of Lord Shiva; a sole leaderBoy
EkanthasaiAnother name of Lord Sai babaBoy
EkapadaOne who is one footed; Name of Shiva and VishnuBoy
EkaparusaA happy to go lucky person; spontaneous and careful beingBoy
EkapatOne who is with a single garmentBoy
EkapingaOne who is born one eyedBoy
EkarajaOne who is the sole monarchBoy
EkasargaThe one who is one hornedBoy
EkatvachaOne who keeps repeating the same thingBoy
EkayanaOne who is the doctrine of unityBoy
EkayastiOne who is from the strings of pearlBoy
EkdakOne who is identicalBoy
EkesaA sole and majestic GodBoy
EkjotGod is one single beingBoy
EkkariName of the most good looking personBoy
EkkuntalAnother name of BalaramBoy
EkodaraA sister born out of the same wombBoy
ElakkiyanOne who is accomplished in literatureBoy
ElanoraThe leaves of the creeperBoy
ElaparnaOne of the cardamom creeperBoy
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