29 Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter F

FaalgunA name of the month in Hindu calendarBoy
FalanA fertile landBoy
FalguA lovely BoyBoy
FalgunDay of the full moonBoy
FalitA fertile landBoy
FanadharA snakeBoy
FanakarOne who is snake-likeBoy
FaneelSea wavesBoy
FaneemdraName of Lord ShivaBoy
FanibhusanName of Lord ShivaBoy
FanikesharThe ruler of the snakes.Boy
FanishA cosmic serpent; name of majestic Lord ShivaBoy
FannishAn important, charming and optimistic beingBoy
FarookA man of high moral standardsBoy
FaryadA surprising cry for helpBoy
FarzandA young male child, a sonBoy
FatehA man of big successBoy
FatehbhoopThe ruler who is experiencing triumph.Boy
FatehkaramGood deed's victoryBoy
FatehmeetA friendly victorBoy
FatehroopHe who is an embodiment of the victoryBoy
FatehwantOne who is a complete victorBoy
FaujaOne who is a good soldierBoy
FaujiA good wariorBoy
FeluA nickname for BoysBoy
FirdozeRefers to the abode of the GodsBoy
FraganFoundations or fundamental baseBoy
FulbabuA dancer who sounds out rhythms by using metal taps on the toes and heels of the shoes.Boy
FurmaanOutstanding rules and regulations.Boy
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