206 Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter G

GadabhrtOne who manipulates a club.Boy
GadivaMost powerful bow of Arjuna.Boy
GahanRefers to the person who is unable to understand.Boy
GaihargambhirBottomless and thoughtful.Boy
GajanadRefers to Lord Hanuman.Boy
GajananaThe one who has a face as same as an elephant.Boy
GajapatiThe lord of elephants or Master Ganesha.Boy
GajarajaThe ruler of the elephants.Boy
GajasuraThe Lord of evils or all evil powersBoy
GajasyaThe one who is in the shape of an elephant.Boy
GajkumarName of the disciple king of Mahavir. It means 'grove'.Boy
GajnanThe person who has elephant face in his human body.Boy
GajodaraThe person who has the belly as same as an elephant.Boy
GajpathiThe king of the elephants.Boy
GajraajLord Ganesha, one of the Gods in Hindu religion.Boy
GalavaRefers to devotion.Boy
GambhirThoughtful and severe.Boy
GanapathiThe Lord of people, Hindu deityBoy
GanapathyAnother name of Lord Ganesha.Boy
GanarupaOne who has the form of multitudeBoy
GandeshaLord of fragranceBoy
GandhaaA sweet smellingBoy
GandharajKing of fragranceBoy
GandharinAnother name of Lord Shiva.Boy
GandhesaMaster of sweet smelling.Boy
GandhikaVery nice and sweet smell.Boy
GandivaThe bow of ArjunaBoy
GanenderMaster of the war.Boy
GaneshchandraThe moon of Lord GaneshBoy
GangaadattOne of the Asian rivers.Boy
GangadharaOne who posses GangaBoy
GangadwaraThe gateway of river GangesBoy
GangaiahAnother name of ganga river.Boy
GangaiarasanMaster of the river ganga.Boy
GangajaBorn son of Ganga.Boy
GangaraajuThe lord of the rivers.Boy
GangesaLord or master of Ganga river.Boy
GangeshaLord of gangaBoy
GangeswarThe Lord of Ganga; Lord ShivaBoy
GanhardinOne who mesmerize the multitudes with faithBoy
GanikaaThe one who is expert in dancing.Boy
GanithArmed group or flower park.Boy
GankappaA name given to the father of snakes; powerfulBoy
GannonThe god of silenceBoy
GanpatiThe Lord of masses; Lord ganeshaBoy
GarbhaName of the innermost sanctum of hindu templeBoy
GarbhakaA truthful and real individualBoy
GargaAnother name to Bharadwaj family.Boy
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