212 Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter H

HaroonWarrior Lion; A variant spelling of Harun; Arabic from of Aaron.Boy
HrehaanGod's ChosenBoy
HabakkukWrestler, he who embracesBoy
HabbabFriendship, lovable personality, polite, gentleBoy
HabbieA per name from Hab, that is a variant of Robert, meaning famous and brightBoy
HabeebSweetheart, beloved, dearestBoy
HabeeballahGod's beloved, loved by godBoy
HabeelOne of the sons of prophet AdamBoy
HabenPride, pleasure, satisfactionBoy
HabiballahLoved by god, God's belovedBoy
HacketNorman personal nameBoy
HackettScottish and Norman Persons nameBoy
HackitThe names of Scottish PersonelsBoy
HackittOld name of Norman and scottish personalBoy
HadenBasically Abdul Muzanni was a narrator of Hadith.Boy
HadiOne that guides towards the right or righteousBoy
HadisHistory,belief, tradition, customBoy
HadleyFrom the heath covered meadowBoy
Haemgilswoody hill, forsted hillBoy
HafiGreetings, good wishes, complimentsBoy
HallwellLives pass by Holy SpringBoy
HalstedFrom the Manor GroundsBoy
HalsyFrom Hal's isleBoy
HaltonFrom the Hill-slope EstateBoy
HaluinAn English male name with lost meaningBoy
HalvardRock Defender; Guardian of the RockBoy
Halvorprotector of the Rock; Rock wardenBoy
HalwardCustodian of the HallBoy
HalwellSaintly wellBoy
HamHome, Heads, Chief, Warm or HotBoy
Ham razA friend who knows every activity of yours, Close friendUnisex
HamaVerily; Truly; Shower; RainBoy
HamadTo Praise any oneBoy
HamadiOne who is PraisedBoy
HamazanWalking on the ground and making FootmarksBoy
HamazatStrength, power, vigorBoy
HamblinCommitted to welfare of the homeBoy
HamblyHome within an enclosed spaceBoy
HamdPraising, Commendation of GodBoy
HamdanThe Praised OneBoy
HamdevLord of GoldBoy
HamdhanPraising, AdmiringBoy
HamdhySympathy, kindness, BlessingBoy
HamdiCommendable, Of PraiseBoy
HamdremAdmired, PraiseworthyBoy
HamdunHonored, PraisedBoy
HameedFriend, Praising GodBoy
HameenIntimate Friend, closed friendBoy
HameerVery Rich KingBoy
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